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Astroadvice – Venus, Mars and Saturn Conjunction

"Olivian Stones", picture by Charmaine Olivia -
“Olivian Stones”, picture by Charmaine Olivia –

“I have conjunct Mars, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius on the cusp of the Third House. Can you tell me what Saturn signifies in this position for me with regard to how I experience affection and trust in friendship? Thank you very much in advance”

Dear Liv,
the Venus/Mars conjunction alone describes a tendency to be rather forthcoming and determined in pursuing (Mars) what you desire (Venus) and engaging into meaningful social exchanges. The feminine and the masculine within you are aligned; your willpower understands the message of your desire nature and acts accordingly. In Aquarius, this combination takes on a more cerebral, group-oriented tinge: what you desire (Venus) and how you go about getting it (Mars) are more likely to revolve around a large-scale idea of human interconnection and push you to gravitate towards one-to-many relationships that share a common basis of intellectual affinity. But here comes Saturn, bringing pressure and discipline in the picture: your sense of responsibility urges you to respect other people’s boundaries and defend yours. The challenge with this triple conjunction is to become able to develop integrity and maturity, without becoming too rigid, excessively self-contained or alienated from groups and social situations; the line between empowering and disabling use of Saturnine energy is very thin, because of the innate sense of limitation this planet brings. And yes, this also applies to conjunctions, not just dissonant aspects.

To put it plain and simple:
DO: strive to develop a healthy sense of responsibility within relationships, cultivate the ability for effective decision-making and steady effort, work within your limits, and focus your social energy without dispersion; honour your commitments, protect yourself and know when to walk away from detrimental situations and never look back.
DON’T: become excessively defensive, develop mistrust of others; take on more responsibility than you can handle; detach emotionally or hold back or pull away out of fear/shame.

Hope this helped.
Much Love!

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  • Aeterna thank you very much for this X)

    • Thank YOU for sharing your experience with me/us, Liv. 🙂

  • Congratulations for this amazing blog! You write beautifully and I really enjoy the depth with which you approach the knowledge of astrology.

    • That’s very kind of you to say, thanks a lot, Selva. I appreciate it 🙂

  • The saturn conjunction is not that hard to get even with review of and I think that with so much time, people will have a lot of new things to deal with it. It can be great to have it.


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