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Transits & Forecasts

Mars entering Pisces, January the 12th, 2015 – Caresse

Kevin Corrado Photography -
Photography by Kevin Corrado –

Mars, planet of drive, assertion and willpower, is going to tour the sensitive, cosmically tuned sign of Pisces, from January 12th to February 19th, leading us back to the source of our perception, creative power and imagination after its lucid, intellect-based transit through airy Aquarius.  As everything and everyone must periodically return to this source in order to attain self-regeneration, so does or inner warrior. Our mark on the world becomes less defined in the physical realm, and more attuned to subtle dimensions of the Soul, to draw from that inner well of inspiration that comes at us through transcendental spheres of existence.
This is why Mars in Pisces is more of a time for reflection, introversion and self-preservation, or even healing, than it is for rash, impulsive action. In fact, energy levels usually run lower and action is normally put off or procrastinated during this transit, while efforts in the realm of creativity, mind-body connection, spirituality, meditation and clairvoyance will probably come to the fore in your Life.  Traditional goals will seem less motivating, as energy will be drawn from our inner landscapes and channeled through intuitive impulses and mutable outputs, rather than through straightforward, cardinal action.  

Transits & Forecasts

Venus in Capricorn, December 10, 2014 – The Building Frame of your Relationships

umberto boccioni
“Forme Uniche nella Continuità dello Spazio”, by Umberto Boccioni, 1913

After her passage through mutable, fleeing Sagittarius, Venus – planet of Love, artistic talents, partnership –  in Capricorn will bring willingness to put experience and ideas into practice. Becoming Cardinal, and serious-minded, about standards, ideals and goals in the sentimental department, will become a prominent trend from December the 10th, 2014, up to January 3rd, 2015, when Venus will leave Capricorn for Aquarius.
Capricorn is known for being the sign of hard work, ambition, perseverance, responsibility, elderly age. Its ruler is Saturn, principle of restriction and concreteness. They’re both associated with structure, and bones and teeth are the parts that fall under their rulership in the human body. Capricorn is a stripped-down sign: it represents the underlying structure or pattern beneath the visible.  Infused with the sober, dry essence of Saturn, it’s earthy and reality-based. It symbolizes all that is essential and load-bearing. With Venus’ passage through Capricorn, the superficial layers will be peeled off from the skeletal structure of our bonds, leaving us with the tangible account of the elementary patterns that sustain our relationships.

Transits & Forecasts

Jupiter Retrograde from December 8th, 2014, to April 2015 – A Twist in the Myth

William Blake’s frontispiece to “The Song of Los”, showing the Demiurge Urizen.

Since July 16, when planet of growth, expansion, luck, expectations and optimism Jupiter entered Leo, and after the blunt trauma experienced under the Cardinal Grand Cross, most of us have embarked on a journey back to the Self, in order to rebuild the trust, the strength, the integrity that was taken away. But, as we’re discovering while we work through our grief, the Path to such a destination is winding and tortuous. It doesn’t lack in unexpected turns, and bumps in the road;  at times we’re presented with delays. There also comes a time when it’s necessary to take a step back, over old ground, to reconsider some of the recent happenings in a more detached, introspective perspective.
This moment is right around the next bend: Jupiter is going Stationary Retrograde on December 8, at 22 degrees Leo, continuing backwards until April 8, 2015,