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Real Life Stories

Pluto square Sun and blog hiatus – I’m back (sort of)

You might or might not have noticed the complete lack of updates on this site since June, a time frame that coincided with the second peak of the transit of Pluto to my Libra Sun. Regrettably, instead of writing a blog post, I simply stated my intention of taking a break with a post on Aeternalight Astrology’s Facebook page, which resulted in, well, most of you being unaware of the reason behind my silence, and quite a few of you asking me if I was ok. 

Real Life Stories

Mercury/Neptune: Check your Spam Filter!

Champoluc, Valle d’Aosta, Italian Alps (of my heart). Picture taken by me.

Mercury is catching up with Neptune in Pisces today, illuminating communication mishaps and setbacks of all kinds. A customer of mine, who purchased the Birth Chart Report a while back, e-mailed me to inform me (thank you!!) that my e-mail with the finished report was sitting in her spam box. Posting this on the chance you purchased a report from me and didn’t receive it within the estimated deadline – please, make sure you check your spam folder. I’m always very scrupolous and precise when it comes to informing my clients about the estimated time frame it takes for me to complete my reports (my Virgo Venus and 6th House Saturn are too paranoid about underperforming anyway), so if you haven’t heard from me within the due date, this is most definitely the reason.
When in doubt, please check your spam filter! (Always a good idea when Mercury aspects Neptune anyway).
Much love.