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Full Moon in Virgo, March 2, 2018 – Accuracy

"Out of Chaos comes Order", by Fiona Watson -
“Out of Chaos comes Order”, by Fiona Watson –

Virgo brings order amidst chaos. Virgo brings right where there is wrong. Virgo brings refinement and accuracy in the midst of coarseness, bemusement, disarray.
Virgo fixes what’s broken. Virgo cleanses the impure. Virgo gives form to the formless. Virgo sees through the BS. Virgo is the Hierophant, the mage, the healer, the builder – and, in the wake of this Eclipse season, we all could use some Virgo energy in our lives, no doubt.

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Full Moon in Gemini, December 3, 2017 – Voices

"Raven Reflection", by Cathy McClelland -
“Raven Reflection”, by Cathy McClelland –

There is a transient, nebulous, even paradoxical quality about the Full Moon arriving on December 3, at 3:47 PM UTC, 11 degrees 40 minutes of the sign of Gemini.
Hitting us with the tidal intensity of a supermoon, this plenilune, however, also occurs while its dispositor, Mercury, turns to a halt in the sign of his detriment. Moreover, the moment of impact is also furtherly toned down by a hazy square from the master of deception Neptune, while a quincunx to Jupiter fearlessly reveling in the occult covertness of Scorpio dims the moonlight beams with a veil of secrecy and mystery.