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Full Moon in Gemini, December 3, 2017 – Voices

"Raven Reflection", by Cathy McClelland -
“Raven Reflection”, by Cathy McClelland –

There is a transient, nebulous, even paradoxical quality about the Full Moon arriving on December 3, at 3:47 PM UTC, 11 degrees 40 minutes of the sign of Gemini.
Hitting us with the tidal intensity of a supermoon, this plenilune, however, also occurs while its dispositor, Mercury, turns to a halt in the sign of his detriment. Moreover, the moment of impact is also furtherly toned down by a hazy square from the master of deception Neptune, while a quincunx to Jupiter fearlessly reveling in the occult covertness of Scorpio dims the moonlight beams with a veil of secrecy and mystery.