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Chiron enters Aries, April 17, 2018 – Carrier of Wounds

"Chiron Instructing Achilles in the Bow" (1776), by Giovanni Battista Cipriani.
“Chiron Instructing Achilles in the Bow” (1776), by Giovanni Battista Cipriani.

We’ve been slow dancing with our own wounds, while Chiron was unhurriedly making his way through hazy, psychedelic Pisces. Swimming in circles, attempting to grasp the vague, sibylline feelings of deficiency and disconnection from the Source, one step forward, two steps back. Feeling the collective suffering of all Earthlings as ours, and learning about our own vulnerabilites by osmosis, through empathy, through contact, through the experience and feelings of others. The collective reflecting the personal. The personal reflecting the collective. Boundaries collapsing, origin blending into consequence. We were wounded by deception, saved by belief, and sometimes failed to tell the two apart. We’ve seen dreams collapsing, fantasies coming true only to burst like bubbles. We have felt pain in places we didn’t know they existed. We have witnessed the effects of trying to escape our own pain, replacing an addiction with another addiction, attempting to drown our sorrows in love, sex and hedonism.
It’s been eight years. Chiron left Aquarius for the last sign of the Zodiac back in April 2010, taking us on a bewildering, meandering journey through individual and shared traumas and pain.
The Wounded Healer’s transit through Pisces wraps up on April 17. The era of Chiron in Aries is just around the corner, and, over the course of the next six months, we will get a taste of what it feels like to confront our vulnerabilities head-on.
In fact, Chiron will turn to a halt on July 4, and then retrograde back into Pisces on September 25, only to re-enter Aries once and for all in February 2019. He will then remain in the sign of Aries until 2026, when he will enter Taurus. But this is another story, for another time.
Aries is not Pisces. No halls of mirrors, no blissful torment, no quest for redemption.
Aries is a battlefield – it’s Mars’ domain. And it will test us and challenge us to muster our courage, to defend ourselves, to attack our own demons and go for their jugular, overpower them, tame them. Chiron in Aries is also a lesson in self-discovery, self-assertion, self-empowerment. It’s about giving ourselves permission to exist as separate individuals, to stand up for ourselves, to conquer our own fate.

It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”  ~ Marianne Williamson

It takes courage to give birth to another human being. It also takes courage to give birth to ourselves, impulse, that naïve enthusiasm, has been smothered and taken away from us.
It’s awkward, and painful, and strange, to learn how to stand on our own two feet, to face our fears. It’s hard to stand in our Truth, to go against the grain, to take risks and overcome obstacles in order to grow into ourselves. It’s challenging, and it often brings us face to face with opposition and resistance, coming from both within and without.
The self-doubt. The guilt. The social ostracism. The negative self-talk.
It’s especially hard to do all of the above in a world where everything that Mars and Aries represent has been misused, perverted, and then weaponized. Something is undeniably wrong in the way humans use violence and aggression against one another, and there’s a sad and appalling legacy of mass genocides, war, rape and slavery to prove that. Again, it takes courage to stand against that and fight for a society in which the less privileged and the disenfranchised need not to fear for their safety and their lives anymore – both the student-led activism of the #marchforourlives movement and Black Lives Matter‘s relentless campaign against police brutality are perfect examples of how we can oppose the senseless barbarism and power imbalances of our society by bandaging the wounds beneath our armor, pulling ourselves up, and using our voice.
Reading about both movements can tell us almost everything we need to know about Chiron in Aries.
Pain turned into strength, loss as a stepping stone towards a new sense of identity, vulnerability turned into courage. Fighting for our right to exist, even when it hurts the most. Finding that we are not as weak as we thought and were taught we were.
Finding pride in our capacity to endure, to fight back, to survive. Inspiring others with our resilience. Taking a stand against toxic masculinity, structural/systemic violence, and any other form of degeneracy of Aries energy in our world.
Fighting the good fight, and healing ourselves in the process.

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  • Fantastic article ! I’ve been feeling Chiron in Pisces for sure. I’m an aries sun and in a battle with Uranus and now Pluto square my sun.. intense ! Total identy crises.. death and rebirth. Now Chiron in aries should help heal the wounds. I love your articles.. very insightful ! Thank you Christina you are a gifted astrologer.

  • For some reason, this post brought me to tears. Perhaps it is your beautiful writing , which is both graceful and gracious. Most probably it reminds me of the HUGE life shifts that have happened between 2010 and now. For the past eight years, I have stood in the midst of the confluence of my worst fears and in that process, I was given no choice but to bear the wounds, examine them, treat them, and let them heal. I am healing and now, it is well with my soul. Thank you beautiful soul for sharing your gift.

    • BTW, I am a Scorpio sun and moon with Pisces rising. A LOT of emotions here! LOL

  • This article is one of your most stunning. Word magic !

  • … reading this text again and again, I have to say, this is really, some of the most stunning prose, mantra, literature, flow, or however one will call it, that I have ever read. Why not try and get your “Best Of” sumn of articles published ? What a nice present that would be !


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