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Chiron stations Direct, December 5, 2017 – The Turn of the Tides

"Not a Dead Body", by Collin McAdoo -
“Not a Dead Body”, by Collin McAdoo –

If there’s something wounded healer Chiron can teach us, is that healing is not a straight, upward path, nor a contest, or an endgoal. The highly eccentric orbit of this minor comet-like planet, its highly unstable motion, are symbolic of the discontinuous route taken by this beautiful, torturous process.
From my previous post about Chiron stationing Retrograde (which happened earlier this year, in June):

Emotional healing work is cyclical. It takes time, and patience; our own personal evolution doesn’t spare us from revisiting old issues time and again, so that we can see them through different eyes and deal with them in more mature, responsible ways. It takes self-forgiveness, because, at times, this cyclical route might feel like failure – like being trapped in the same old schemes, not really going anywhere. It takes courage, because the very act of re-opening old wounds can trigger feelings of frustration and despair. 
Healing is not a straight road; there isn’t an actual start, or a finishing line. Most importantly, it’s not a race, and there are no “winners” or “losers” based on the speed or depth of our healing work.
If that was the case, Chiron would stand still. Motionless.
And yet, as it turns out, Chiron’s orbit is more eccentric than any planet or asteroid currently used in astrology – he’s the “maverick” for a reason. Nothing is more personal and idiosyncratic than the way we deal with our own pain and heal through it…

Two steps forward, one step back, indeed.
Chiron’s upcoming direct station, happening on December 5, at 24°19 Pisces, is the step forward many of us have been waiting for after a period of ebbing and flowing between discomfort and faith, light and darkness, pain and relief.
The retrograde motion of Chiron has marked the beginning of the cauterization of our wounds. We have been mulling over and processing the suffering and affliction that inhabit our heart ever since. We have been listening to their songs, dealing with them and healing through them, as we will do time and again over the course of our lifetime. In doing so, we have hopefully accessed a deeper layer of awareness of the hidden injuries fracturing our mind and soul, thus learning invaluable lessons about our nature, our Path, the purpose of our existence itself. Pain has unlocked doors. The far off pieces of our Soul, those that migrated after shock or trauma, started beckoning to us from distant corners of the Universe, asking to be restored back into the wholeness of our spirit.
As Chiron resumes direct motion, it’s time to release the attachment towards our pain, the identification with our trauma, and begin anew once more.

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  • wow i’m just so impressed by your writing. wise beyond your years.

  • Ouch. I’ve read several other posts on this and yours is, as always, piercingly relevant and completely helpful, and so damn beautifully written. I’m in tears. You have a gift.

    I have been trying to heal emotional trauma from my husband’s affair, and in doing so, discovered lifelong grief that needs to be healed. I have just realized I’ve no idea what it feels like to be whole, in mind and spirit, to NOT have been feeling grief, pain, or anger. My entire life, all 4 decades of it has been dealt physical and emotional trauma repeatedly that I have never really dealt with, only buried, sang out in my music, or just shrugged off as Life.

    I have been feeling stuck all summer and fall, incapable and unable to move anywhere but just spinning my wheels. Everyday I ask for guidance, for help. There is none. So I hang on and wait out the days, trying to figure out what direction to turn. I now know: My entire life has been identified by pain, with pain, and trying to overcome it, use it for my music, dealing with new pain. I’ve only recently (in years) admitted the worst of the causes to myself forcing myself to face it and grieve it. I see now I have been attached to my pain, it is all I’ve ever had. I don’t know how to live without it because I don’t know life without pain, I’ve never known life without pain, fear, worry, stress, and emotional trauma that I buried deep.

    Dammit. How do I live life without pain? What is life supposed to be like NOT dealing with it? This cycle of working through it seems to be bringing me back to my first love of art and I think it’s giving me ideas…if only I can be brave enough.

    Thank you so much for sharing freely your insights and gift.

    • Winona, your words are strangely relatable to me. So, believe me, you are not alone in this struggle. It takes strength, courage and consistency to abandon the reassuring quality of being used to pain, when pain is all you’ve ever known. You are taking this step now and I am so proud of you. ♥

  • An echo to your uplifting words:

    “Learning is continuous, exploration is endless, still there is no “progression” : more like a constant cleansing of everything which fixes, blocks, com-prehends (to grab, to take with), reifies, obstructs, closes. I am not more “awakened” than before, as any moment of clarity, without any opinion, belief, stand, is of equal value, whenever it takes place in our personal history. In that regard, childhood is the reference.”

  • Thank u. I have chiron in poisson in my natal thème. I didn’t understand your text about it. I tried but translation in french is not easy for me.

  • The rx station was opposite my natal sun with a 10 minute orb.

    When it turned direct was literally the same day my right lung was able to stay inflated on it’s own. Had to have a chest tube in place for 4 days due to a spontaneous pneumothorax.

    Through this ordeal, though, I’ve discovered a career path to take that decidedly checks off every box in my career wish list that has no shortcomings for me whatsoever – something I have been seeking for quite some time, years in fact, to heal what could rightly be construed to be an emotional wound – that of feeling like the work I do is not fulfilling my purpose here.

    So very apropos to the Chiron archetype that it is through wounds and the healing of them that we discover the inner strength and wisdom to press forward and fulfill our purpose.


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