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Full Moon in Aquarius, August 7, 2017 – Out of the Blue

Art by Роман Петрович Тыртов (Romain de Tirtoff), a.k.a. Erté (1892 - 1990)
Art by Роман Петрович Тыртов (Romain de Tirtoff), a.k.a. Erté (1892 – 1990)

Most astrologers seem to agree on the fact that the month of August 2017 looks remarkably intense. Intense as in ‘shaky’, ‘metamorphic’, perhaps ‘life-altering’: for some of us, it might even mark a prominent demarcation, a point of no-return to certain things and situations that have outlived their usefulness.
This unanimous opinion is based on a number of astrological factors, which include Mercury’s upcoming retrograde phase (I’ll cover it in the next post), the overall interaction between transiting planets (Jupiter/Pluto anyone?), and, most importantly, the two eclipses that punctuate the month.
The first one, a lunar eclipse, arrives on August 7 (at 6:10 PM UTC), in the guise of a Full Moon occupying 15°24’ of Aquarius, one of the signs that most accurately exemplifies the need for change, revolution, transformation.
Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses. However, an Eclipse (whether lunar or solar) always doubles down on the intensity: Eclipses tend to shake up the status quo and bring significant developments about major life events; they hardly go unnoticed, especially if they hit sensitive points / formations in a natal chart, and they are known for pushing us off the fence and spurring major personal growth. The outcomes are, more often than not, non-negotiable, and they tend to reverberate for weeks or even months.
In short, an Eclipse is a wildcard – a game changer, which packs a stronger energetical punch compared to an “average” New or Full Moon. It is, indeed, a New or Full Moon on steroids.
This transformational energy goes hand in hand with Aquarius’ reputation as the social agitator of the Zodiac. The amphora of the restless, forward-looking Water Bearer is a perfect vessel for the powerful metamorphosis induced by this special plenilune; it’s almost as Aquarius is to eclipses what conductors are to electricity (the latter being unsurprisingly ruled by Uranus).
Aquarius is as defiant and insubordinate as it’s stubborn, unbending, persistent. Socially aware, and mindful of communal and cultural dynamics, Aquarius still very much incarnates the spirit of the “outsider looking in”, who carefully, critically observes society while advocating the subversion of power hierarchies and the fight against oppression.
This means that, whatever peaks on this Full Moon / Eclipse, will be the result of our constant effort to stand apart from everyone else and rebalance the unequal power dynamics that surround us. We’re quite literally taking back the power, and using it to center our own narrative on ourselves; by doing so, we make a difference in our corner of the world. Needless to say, this will be a pivotal conjuncture, one that we have perhaps awaited for a long time, and that we shouldn’t be afraid to face.
It’s happening.
The time has come.
A gateway to our personal intellectual, emotional, social deliverance, this Full Moon will ask us to take a firm stand and cross that final threshold that separates us from freedom, and from our rightful community of likeminded individuals.
Whether or not our choice is considered ‘popular’ or ‘acceptable’ by the rest of society is irrelevant at the moment: our own empowerment and emancipation as individuals who seek to fit in a community that understands us on a spiritual and mental level is what matters the most right now. Because, in that community, we might find the support, the strength, the Love, the fulfillment we know we deserve, and, through that very same community, we could be able to give it all back to the world at large.
No matter how misplaced and misunderstood we might feel – our people are out there, waiting for us. But in order to reach them, we need to take risks, find our way out of the ruts that keep us stuck, muster the courage to stay true to ourselves, and accept the consequences of such coherence.
This is why we shouldn’t turn our back to the beautiful, purposefully chaotic upheavals manifesting under this Full Moon. We shouldn’t shy away from the public realm and the way our gestures and decisions impact the collective (and yes, it’s hard for me to say so as a major introvert who would much rather spend her whole life living as a mountain hermit – but hey! There’s a time for everything). It’s because of that impact, that we might come in contact with our tribe, the individuals we truly vibe with and genuinely fuck with.
A propitious trine to Jupiter in Libra suggests that expansion and adventure (quite possibly through cooperation) will be part of the picture. It also helps us to navigate these unruly times with confidence and optimism, focusing on the future we wish to manifest, and staying inspired by its vision.
Sometimes, you have to focus on the journey and what you can learn from it. Other times, and especially this time, it’s equally crucial to keep your eyes on the destination.

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  • Thank you for this article which is speaking directly to me as I sit here on the eve of the Aug. 7th eclipse in Aquarius (15 degrees). My moon is 13 degrees Aquarius (11th house) as was my prenatal eclipse on that same degree). I always wondered why I have always loved change and have always looked to and have been anxious to experience the future … why I now have this urge to speak my truth, even though my nature is to be a quiet introvert. During my life I have always searched for those like-minded people who would understand my inner thinking which always seemed to be ‘on the edge.’ I have tried to be a conservative, even when my mother was not. I gradually accepted her, and eventually myself, as I became brave enough to move beyond the safety of religion and conservative politics. I thank you again for the conformation of your words. Even at 82 yrs. of age, I look forward to the changes coming ahead ….

    • Peggy, this comment is amazing and I love that you didn’t lose your curious, mentally restless, probing spirit. I relate to your words in so many ways. ♥

  • Thank you Cristina for this beautiful and so aquarian and uplifting post. Fresh. Still immersed in this full Moon’s energy and after feeling through it, I came and found this jewel that somehow fixes or imprints something here (Aquarius intercepted in the first house). Maybe a Yes with no words.

    Also, thank you Peggy for your comment. Another round to dive and melt into Aquarius, a vibration that lies hidden, subtle (and yet powerful) inside of me. As if I needed a whisper to notice and honor her – and your words did that. At 46 at times I feel the weight of all the conditioning we carry with time. Change is not something easy for me…I feel that your words bring so much dignity or so (without weight…) to time and life herself. They just helped me to come back home.

    Hope you both enjoy the ride 🙂

    • Iratxe my dear, always great to see you on here. And your reflections about Peggy’s words are beautiful, as well. For some reason I thought you were in your late 20s / early 30s or something – you always sound so fresh and “young” at heart (and look young, too) when you write. 🙂

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