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Full Moon in Aries, October 5, 2017 – Fire

"Illumination", by Freydoon Rassouli -
“Illumination”, by Freydoon Rassouli –

The spiritual experience is complex, multi-faceted and unique. Identifying as “spiritual” doesn’t necessarily have to mandatorily coincide with a constant, uni-dimensional state of equanimity, imperturbability, or even neutrality. To advocate this stance would imply that we should erase, and therefore repress, the manifold intersections between our human existence and our metaphysical vocation.
Passion is spiritual. Sex drive is spiritual. Indignation in the face of social injustice is spiritual. Anger too can be a spiritual fuel, to some degree, as long as we know how and where to channel it for a higher purpose. In short, there is nothing un-spiritual about our primal, animal nature. Fire is no less spiritual than the other three elements. Every fiery, supposedly negative emotion is, at the very least, a signpost, a messenger that exposes vital, profound truths about the Self.
Fire, in all its emanations – raw power, sexuality, rage, ecstasy – has its own spiritual dignity, its noble, remarkable application, as well as teachings that we should not downplay or overlook. Fire is a force to be reckoned with – spiritually as well as physically. Fire is energy in motion – the spark of inspiration, the ardour of prophetic vision, the impulse that triggers action. It cleanses us, purifies us, burns away the debris, bursts through the obstacles that stand in our way. In a similar fashion, the Full Moon arriving on October 5, at 6. 40 PM UTC, 12°42 of the most reckless, action-oriented of the Fire signs, is all about the poignant, impetuous release of energy that breaks the dams of our inner constraints, allowing us to stand in our truth, shining our identities into full-on radiance.
The Moon symbolizes our habitual responses and instinctive patterns, which, during this Full Moon, are propelled by the Cardinal quality of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, and the most individualistic one. “I am” is Aries’ motto: its energy is self-directed, as this sign represents the separation of the individual consciousness from the Source, and the subsequent formation of a personal identity. In one way or another (more traumatically for those who have been unconsciously repressing and compromising their own identity, relatively more easily for the others), individuals under this Full Moon will feel compelled to re-enact this archetypical process, taking a stand, asserting themselves and taking their power back.
The self-affirming seeds we planted under March 28’s New Moon are now coming to fruition, blossoming into a new, fresh awareness of what truly inflames our hearts, what path we’re meant to follow, what we want and deserve – and now we know we won’t settle for less. As the truth of who we are reaches out to meet the outside world and affirm itself, the chemical reaction generated by such encounter is bound to trigger a kaleidoscopic multitude of feelings. Some of them might be empowering and glorious, others might come from a darker place of frustration and disdain. Still, all of them are valid, and perfectly worthy of acceptance and legitimation.
The conjunction between Sun and Mercury in Libra, opposing the Moon, suggests that the verbalization of such layered feelings will be almost unavoidable; we will be tasked with reaffirming our stance and purpose, through action and words – honestly, unapologetically. However, given the amount of pushy, confrontational energy in the sky, debate is more likely to fall into argument than usual.
Belligerent Mars, the ruler of this Full Moon, sits together with gracious Venus in the analytical sign of Virgo; the pair forms a trine to menacing Pluto, newly direct in the sign of Capricorn. In turn, the latter squares the Full Moon, creating a closed circuit of now-or-never, do-or-die urgency to emote, to let out, to let off steam – amplified by Mars and Venus’ square to Saturn, which points to the awareness of rules, guidelines and hierarchies.
Some of us might feel as though we have reached our boiling point – brimming with necessity, impatient, perhaps frustrated, ready to step into our warrior gear and take a stand for ourselves and the direction we want to head in. In this forceful, combustible atmosphere, things might escalate real, real quick.
And yet, adopting a binary, sterile mindset of antagonism, and dissipating our energies in pointless altercations, is only going to push us backwards, far away from the reassuring, inspiring flicker of our dreams and hopes. We want to open up the gates and allow that lavic flow of pure, unadulterated passion to propel us forward. We want to channel our wrath, our will, our fire into a meaningful direction. We want to feel our emotions unconditionally, all the way through, without using them as weapons. We want to respond, not to react. We want to psychologically awaken, not to commit psychological, moral, spiritual suicide.
Our fire is precious and life-sustaining, and we need to direct it wisely, so that it may unblock our path without causing unnecessary damage to ourselves and others. Self-discipline and resilience might be necessary tools at the time of this Full Moon, in order to come out of it truly empowered.

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  • I have an Aries moon in the 12th house. I am traveling and will be in Scotland at this time. I hope it manifests what you’ve described in a better way since that Aries moon often makes it hard for me to express my feelings in the moment but only after the fact. Love your writing 🙂

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