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Full Moon in Cancer, January 2nd, 2018 – Howl

"Guardian Angel", by Amelia Bauerle (1873-1916).
“Guardian Angel”, by Amelia Bauerle (1873-1916).

Few Major Arcana, at least in the classical Marseille and Rider-Waite Tarot decks, are as weird and enigmatic as the Moon. A surreal, foreboding scenery, populated by strange, rabid creatures, and dominated by a frowning, radiating moon, represents the traditional iconography of this card; an unseen, yet palpable magnetism binds Earth and Sky – a sense of tidal pull that eerily subjugates earthly creatures to a kind of inscrutable force.
Even though this card is usually associated with Pisces, the image of the crayfish emerging from the water pool evokes famed astrologer Liz Greene’s description of Cancer (the sign ruled by the Moon)’s heroic quest: “… midwifing the images of the inner world, and anchoring them in some creative form” [The Luminaries – The Psychology of the Sun and Moon in the Horoscope, 1992, p. 187]. 
Traditionally, Cancer is associated with birth, motherhood, family, home – a sphere of life that centuries (if not millennia) of patriarchy relegated to an obscure corner of human experience, creating an artificial divide in both individuals and collective consciousness alike. Feminine versus masculine. Intuition versus strength. Imagination versus logic. We’re left with this gap to mend, with this personal and collective wound to heal, these gender stereotypes to smash, as we try to regain our primal wholeness, beyond all cultural constructs. Our job and purpose as humans is not to fit into categories, but to become whole. Regardless of what we identify with, we can be both tender and fierce. Assertive and protective. Emotional and commonsensical. Strong and vulnerable. We can midwife ourselves. We can anchor those visions springing from our unconscious mind into physical form. We can bring the voices of our ancestors, of our inner guide(s), down to earth, so that we can co-create our shared legacy together.
The Full Moon arriving on January 2nd, at 2:24 AM UTC (January 1st, 9:24 PM EST), 11°37 Cancer, is bound to release a tidal flood of feelings and emotions, allowing us to get back in touch with the uncanny, unconscious, even supernatural side of our nature, and to center ourselves in our inner sanctum.
Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of the senses; this particular Full Moon, which is not only at peak strength in the lunar sign par excellence, but also involved in some intricate and multifaceted astrological patterns, is not going to hold back.
Some parts of ourselves have been waiting far too long to see the light. Smothered and downplayed by a schizoid society that considers empathy, sensitivity and imagination as fruitless, irrational prerogatives of female human beings, they are now ready to erupt with full force, as this intense plenilune ignites our desire for catharsis and emotional liberation. Uncoincidentally, this happens as 2018 kicks into gear – a timing that seems to foreshadow a wise, perentory omen.
We’re no longer compromising our emotional integrity in the new year. We’re no longer breaking our limbs to fit in. We’re no longer accepting imbalanced relationships that force us to perform more than our share of emotional labor. We’re no longer hiding our feelings in shame. We’re no longer equating vulnerability to weakness.
May this raw moment of emotional truth teach us about the importance of our visions, of our dreams. May it show us that our emotions are valid. May it prompt us to embrace our depth and revel in it – even though it might get messy at times.
This Full Moon sits in a kite pattern, forming a Grand Water Trine with Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces – which means all three of these bodies, minus Jupiter, will be in their domicile. The point of the kite is represented by a triple conjunction of Sun, Venus and Black Moon Lilith. As I said, it’s a complex, nuanced astrological landscape, one that mirrors the nuanced, complex, sometimes fucked up, sometimes contradictory nature of us as human beings. We might meet our inner warrior (Mars), our inner guru (Jupiter), our inner guide (Neptune), our inner bitch (Black Moon Lilith), our inner authority (the Sun in Capricorn), and our inner seductress (Venus) all in the same moment. It’s like the thousand voices of the fragments of our Soul will sing in unison, asking to be recognized, and integrated, and, in turn, implementing our power.
A newfound courage to assert ourselves (Mars in Scorpio) might bring us to face the status quo (Capricorn) and expand our boundaries (Jupiter), guided by intuition and compassion (Neptune). Also, we might find ourselves involved in a power struggle that implies projections from both ends (Saturnine figures attempting to infantilize us, or ourselves casting someone else in the role of oppressor), and we might end up acting out our pent up anger as well as our creative energy in the process. Either way, emotions will be the fuel to our engine. The presence of Mars indicates a proactive impulse, one that will carry us forward, towards new and exciting horizons (Jupiter) if we choose to tap into this ancestral power wisely. Venus assures that interacting with others, and experiencing the Self through Otherness, will be an inescapable element of this scenario. Lilith prompts us to own our shadow. And with Neptune involved, we can rest assured it will be a spiritual experience.

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  • May this full moon find us all seeing with our inner vision that which will be brought into the physical.

  • May I just mention one detail that caught up my attention particularly ? “Feminine versus masculine. Intuition versus strength. Imagination versus logic”: I personaly have a very strong feeling that the dominant masculinity resides not just in logic, but also very strongly in imagination (conceptual, idealistic, utopian, ethical…) so in my view, I see the male/female current clash resurgence in a very strong “logic+imagination out-standing Vs guts+sex+heart in-tuition”. I feel it very strongly that males ae stuck inside their ilagination, a pure land of perfection, to which logic is the concrete helping hand for realization.

    Just meant to share a feeling 😉
    Thanking you again for your intense yet subtle writings.

    • Julien, this is extremely interesting. I also, like you, don’t really believe in a gendered view of logic as a merely masculine trait, nor in vision, intuition and imagination as purely feminine characteristics. This is quite the problematic heritage we’ve been handed down from centuries of astrology practiced in patriarchal contexts. You’ve raised some excellent points here. Thank you so much! <3

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