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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 9, 2017 – Ask the Mountains

Photography by Brooke Shaden -
Photography by Brooke Shaden –

We’re currently a few days away from the Capricorn Full Moon, arriving on July 9, at 4:07 AM UTC / 12:06 AM EDT (17 degrees 09 minutes), yet the intensity has been building up since much earlier. It’s no coincidence that this poignant plenilune happens in conjunction to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld – a communion that foreshadows scenarios of radical transformation and deep (not just) emotional purging.  
Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses. The places illuminated by a Full Moon in Capricorn, the fearless, far-seeing sign of the goat, are likely to be already in the spotlight; simply because everything we strive to reach lies on the metaphorical heights symbolized by Capricorn, on the other side of fear, doubt, negligence.
Thus, a Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates the area of our chart where we can reap what we have sown. Capricorn is known for being the most hard-working, persevering sign of the Zodiac: we can expect the fruits of our labor, the results of our hard work, commitment and dedication, to come to fruition. Conversely, our inability to put in the work and show up for the job might also get exposed.
Exposure is indeed a major keyword, considering the involvement of Pluto. Whatever festers in the latter’s dark, unfathomable abyss is no longer hidden, because the Full Moon’s light will be reaching into the depths.
The pit of Pluto welcomes the shadow of the human Soul – everything we are too scared to embrace, everything we deem too shameful to be accepted, everything we fail to recognize within ourselves. For this reason, this Full Moon might expose the darkest secrets that undermine our quest for relevance: power struggles, survival strategies, secret agendas, repressed emotions. So, while this Full Moon might confirm what we’ve been working towards, she might also awake intense, radical emotional dynamics that pertain to our shadow, to the multiple selves that live in the darkness of what we fail to acknowledge. We will become acutely aware of the underlying themes that propel our ambitions, our aspirations, our ultimate goals – whether or not we’re ready to savour the pungent, unsweetened taste of this revelation.
The Full Moon is also involved in a confrontational opposition to Mars in Cancer, which means that we will be especially sensitized to potential threats, and highly reactive. Emotions will be volatile and polarized.
During Mars’ transit of Cancer, we’re learning how to assert our emotional truth and demand validation for it; like fire to the fuel, Mars adds a belligerent element of strife and confrontation to the already loaded Plutonian scenario.
Thankfully, a sextile between the Full Moon and Neptune soothes the heated climate of this Full Moon, relieving some of its tension. Like a pacifying voice whispering in our ear, Neptune reminds us of the universality of our experience, and of the relativism of its human variables. The emotional eruptions shall at some point cool down; the conflict will cease; our worldly accomplishments might or might not outlive us. Paradoxically, the present moment is eternal – and it offers us the opportunity to transcend and give birth to ourselves time and again.

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  • Well this and Chiron rx explains so much of the immediacy feeling of the intense emotional energy and reactions I’ve been feeling and expressing since late June. This past weekend was really hard. I stayed up in the bedroom for 2 days thinking, reading, watching helpful videos, discussion with an online support group…I think I made big steps this weekend. Facing the scary, the excruciating wounds and problems thtat i have to heal is worth it and I have to not allow myself to fall back into old habits of avoidance – even if my husband is avoiding everything with excuses. 😉

  • Gorgeous writing.

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