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Full Moon in Leo, January 31, 2018 – Glow Like Dat

"Narodziny Materii", by Mariusz Lewandowski -
“Narodziny Materii”, by Mariusz Lewandowski –

The next Full Moon, arrives on January 31, at 11 degrees 37 minutes of bold, regal Leo (01:26 PM UTC, 8:26 AM ET, 5:26 AM pacific), and, true to the reputation of this sign for being extra, she wants to make sure she doesn’t go unnoticed.
More than a simple plenilune, this is Luna herself putting on a show – a crossover of basically every lunar occurrence we could imagine, happening at the same time. Blue moon (meaning that the moon is reaching her full phase for the second time this month)? Check. Blood moon (a colloquial expression used to describe the coppery-reddish hue of the moon resulting from the Rayleigh scattering effect)? Check. Supermoon (what happens when the full moon is closer to earth and about 14 percent brighter than usual)? Check. Most importantly, topping it off, this all-in-one Full Moon also announces the start of 2018’s eclipse season: like a seasoned illusionist, the moon will slip into the earth’s shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse. 
In short, this Full Moon is akin to a flamboyant, theatrical performance – one that stars us as the protagonists, the kings and queens, the superstars, diffusing an aura that is passionate, dramatic and glamorous at the same time. The stage is ours – and it’s our sentiments, our allegiances, our talents and our beliefs being played.
Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of the senses; this particular Full Moon is like a cosmic spotlight that exposes whatever lies hidden in our hearts, Leo’s domain. However, the fact that it’s also a total lunar eclipse amplifies the intensity, making the stage bigger, our audience larger, and our voice louder.
In astrology, the word ‘eclipse’ is almost always synonymous with ‘change’. Eclipses are high-wattage New or Full Moons. Their potency shakes us out of inertia and complacency; their magnitude pushes us beyond our comfort zone; they create an energetical ripple effect, with their impact broadening outwards incrementally for a long time after the event has taken place.
Because eclipses usually revolve in cycles, this particular eclipse will likely advance the discussion and developments that took place back in August 2017, during the total solar eclipse in Leo, bringing the outcome of our goals, intentions and dreams to fruition, and, quite possibly, bringing closure and resolution in regards to the unnecessary baggage that stands in the way of our radiant, majestic glo-up.
This indeed is the ultimate purpose of this Full Moon: to remind us that, underneath the layers of fear, doubt, social conditioning, there’s a heart that begs to be set free. There is a fire that burns. There is everything that makes us who we are, and it’s time to act it all out, so that we can remind ourselves of our true purpose, our dreams, our values and what makes us feel happy, vibrant and centered in ourselves.
Once we realize that we owe it to ourselves to follow that bliss, that we’re under no obligation to put up with the energy drains, the psychic vampires, the boredom, the bullshit, there is no looking back.
With Goddess of Love, Venus, conjoining the Sun in Aquarius and forming a confrontational opposition to the Moon herself, relationships and our perception of them are going to play a major role during this cosmic turning point. Some relationships validate us, others merely stress us out. Some relationships lift us up, others weigh us down. The gap between these two varieties is only going to get wider under this Eclipse, and, following the imperative of matriarch Ceres, which takes center stage in a conjunction to the Moon, we might eventually come to terms with the fact that seeking for emotional nourishment in the wrong places will only leave us starving for the love and warmth we crave.
We might have to let go of that situation, connection or opportunity that is not feeding our Soul, and instead turn towards the sources of emotional and spiritual susteinance in our life, hopefully using discernment and refraining from allowing our projections and wishful thinking to affect our decisions (the quincunx between the Moon and Neptune could be tricky in this regard).
It will take courage, firmness and fortitude – thankfully, under a Leo Full Moon, they will not be in short supply. The world will be waiting for us to show up for ourselves and play our part. As the saying goes, courage is not the absence of fear – rather, the assessment that something else is more important than fear. In this case, it’s our ability to be beaming and ecstatic agents of change in this world, which is way too important to get smothered under the weight of dread and disbelief.

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