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Full Moon in Libra, March 31, 2018 – Heartleap

Art by Christine Ellger -
Art by Christine Ellger –

Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

Libra might strive for harmony above all things, but the peacemaker of the Zodiac is well aware that the road towards concordance is often tortuous and bumpy. Peace is an ongoing process; compromise requires mediation, understanding, relativism. It’s about coexisting as human beings, making room for our own needs as well as others’, de-centering our own narrative in order to integrate others’ perspectives. It’s about evolving as human beings, in order to become more loving, more understanding, whilst also remaining mindful of our boundaries, our shortcomings, the lines that must not be crossed. Compromise is an art.
Staying considerate and respectful while our buttons are being pushed is not always easy; I suspect the Full Moon arriving on March 31, at 12:37 PM UTC (8:37 AM EDT), 10 degrees 44 minutes of Libra, will see a similar scenario playing out. Every Full Moon represents an energetic peak, which shines a powerful light on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses; a Libra plenilune is, therefore, guaranteed to illuminate the truth of our social and romantic experience – a “relationship showdown” kind of situation where we are met with the Other within and without.
However, even the quickest glance at the Full Moon chart tells us that any significant progress or compromise in the realm of our relationships will be laborious and hard-won: while Retrograde Mercury in Aries sits with the Sun, in opposition to the Libra Moon, a commanding conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Capricorn turns the formation into a t-square.
All of this clashing cardinal energy doesn’t exactly bode for a smooth, effortless resolution of conflicts. It does, however, foreshadow the opportunity to stretch beyond our limits and comfort zone, towards a level of honesty and clarity we’ve hardly experienced before; an uncomfortable process, a rewarding outcome.
It’s only when inequity and unfairness are exposed and addressed, that we can restore the balance.
But first, we need to tackle the possible misunderstandings and communication misshaps that pop up (courtesy of Mercury Retrograde): techniques like active listening (paraphrasing our partner’s words to prevent misinterpretation), or perception checking (providing interpretation of the behaviour we observe) are instrumental in handling and resolving any conflict arising in social and romantic contexts.
We all know how annoying and troublesome can the wonky Rx Mercury energy feel at times. However, Rx Mercury in Aries can help us questioning our very own viewpoint, thus bringing us to be more selfless, less brash in our communication, and, most importantly, to listen.
With Mars squaring both the Moon and the Sun/Mercury conjunction, we might be tempted, however, to rock the boat and use aggression (albeit in a very disciplined, authoritative fashion, seeing that Saturn is involved) to tip the scales back in our favor. Pressure, power imbalances and the feeling of being pushed to our emotional brink might trigger our fight-or-flight response, causing us to act out our frustration. However, while this behaviour might bring a temporary relief, we would still have to live with its consequences, as the imposing, unforgiving presence of Saturn suggests. Since such build-up of cardinal friction can quickly escalate if handled improperly, the taskmaster reminds us that, sometimes, it’s wise to put the brakes on, breathe, and observe our own reactions through the lens of detachment.
After all, the people that surround us, our friends, partners, allies, and – to some extent – our enemies, are our mirrors. There’s nothing we can recognize in one another, which is not present within ourselves, perhaps in another form, perhaps at an earlier stage, perhaps as controlled, repressed shadow.
This Full Moon is our chance to lay it all on the table – to learn, to grow, to evolve through relatedness in ways we would not be capable on our own.

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  • I’m not usually apprehensive about a transit, but this Aries Mercury (rx) hit my chart like demolition ball and now the full moon is going to oppose it (and conjunct my 11th house south node). Having an issue cohabitating with a frenemy and trying to keep my mouth shut feels like I live in the 8 of swords. The only thing helping literally, is identifying where her behavior reflects my attitude and humbling myself. I’m always curious, is there somewhere you give information about how you handle these transits personally or have you thought about doing so? Hope you are well ma’am 🙂

  • I agree! Well said 🙂
    I’m not so informed as you Both are. But yes, I indeed love reading your interpretations Christina!
    They’re so spot on, that yes, I too would be Very interested, intrigued if Christina you were to share with us a bit more deeply of how You handle the situations that are arising for All of us…
    Much love, peace & respect
    from australia 🙂
    Andria @bombo beach


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