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Full Moon in Pisces, September 6, 2017 – Oceans

"Tidal Moon", by Marina Petro -
“Tidal Moon”, by Marina Petro –

Water is pervasive, life-sustaining.
About 70 percent of the human body is made up of water, and more than 70 percent of Earth is covered in it. Not only does water creates an environment that sustains and nurtures life on Earth; its chemical and physical properties are also essential to human survival, since none of our basic physical functions, such as breathing or digestion, could take place without water.
The presence of rivers and bodies of water was also a key aspect to early civilizations, as it allowed the development of irrigation, navigation, and – obviously – water supply. In ancient times, the first stable human settlements could initially only develop in areas where fresh surface water was plentiful.
Water is shapeless, versatile, and yet, such yielding changeability is the secret of her strength and endurance. Water’s persistence can hollow out the stone; water’s fluidity allows it to take the shape of its container, and flow around obstacles.
As essential and necessary as it is, water is something we often take for granted, yet, our very life depends on it (and let’s not forget that, for 1 billion people worldwide, clean, safe drinking water is a luxury).
In Astrology, which has used the concept of elements from antiquity up until the present, water as an energetical and psychological concept retains the same vital, nurturing qualities. Cancer symbolizes the amniotic waters of the womb; Scorpio, the murky swamp of the unconscious; Pisces, the timeless ocean of transcendence.
Indeed, we thirst for Spirit in the same way we thirst for water. Either consciously or unconsciously, we strive to return to the otherworldly feeling of wholeness that is imprinted in the memory of our Soul. We are propelled through life by this memory, eternally in search of the same supernatural fulfillment through those things that seem to offer a glimpse of a pre-natal, archaic bliss – love, art, sex, and, in some cases, addictive substances that provide a temporary, intoxicating feeling of having transcended the mortal plane of existence. We long for the guidance and comfort of the connection with a higher reality, for the inner peace that comes from feeling aligned with the Universe/God.
Under the Full Moon arriving on September 6, 2017, at 7:02 AM UTC, 13°53 Pisces, we might feel especially thirsty for the waters of Spirit. Yet, we might also find that our thirst is being quenched – through dreams, epiphanies, release of tension, tidal waves of intuition.
Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses; yet, with Pisces, we are not dealing with a sign that lends itself to rational assessments and binary logic. Pisces is subtle, holographic, nuanced, divine. It would be unrealistic to expect dramatic plot twists in the “real world”, although we might find ourselves having foreknowledge of them before they happen.
Revelations and realizations will arise from that liminal space that simultaneously permeates and transcends reality; that immaterial space where the voice of the heart echoes undisturbed. As the veil between worlds grows thinner, the knowledge and guidance that flickers from beyond it will appear closer and more pervasive than ever, to the point of feeling more realistic and palpable than the so-called real world itself. Actual momentum in the physical realm might be next to nonexistent. The meta-physical plane, on the other hand, will be remarkably alive and vibrant, ripe with inspiration, and the limelight of the Full Moon (which also occurs in conjunction with Pisces ruler, Neptune) will work as an ethereal pipeline to the Spirit world.
When the boundaries grow thin and porous, nothing separates us from each other, from our future, our past, our dreams or even delusions. Such is the ouroboric, all-encompassing nature of Pisces. A double-edged sword that, true to the infamous hall-of-mirrors effect that is often associated with this sign, might lead us to either the genuinely psychic experience of clairvoyance and communion with the Higher Self, or the ruinous shipwreck of deception (depending on what led up to this point). We will see and experience what we previously cultivated within ourselves and put out in the world, especially around the time of the Pisces New Moon earlier in February.
The trick is to separate wishful thinking from the honest, truthful whisper of our inner voice. One leads to compulsive attachment and illusion, while the other sets us free through acceptance and surrender. One leads us astray, the other guides us home. One restrains, the other elevates. With the Full Moon forming a quincunx to shimmering Venus in Leo, the channels between us and the object of our desires are open and accessible – concepts like distance and separation are foreign in the Spirit world, but so is the concept of Ego. We must surrender our will, and go with the flow, wherever the flow leads us, trusting that the current will take us where we need to be. Just for a magical, everlasting moment.

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