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Full Moon in Taurus, November 4, 2017 – Here and Now

Artwork by my talented friend Alberto Sabellico - ,
Artwork by Alberto Sabellico – ,

There is perhaps no better time of the year than this to reflect on the bond between seen and unseen, earthly and supernatural, sacred and mundane. We’re in the midst of Scorpio season, approaching the pinnacle of intersection between life and death known as Samhain, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, and the barrier between dimensions is easier to penetrate.
Those who are inclined towards the metaphysical (and, if you’re browsing this site, you’re likely to fit into this category) are well aware of the fact that these two dimensions of existence – the tangible and the intangible – are entwined, bound, feeding into each other. Most of us cultivate this awareness, answering to a primal need to re-connect with the Source from where it all began. We seek for a higher guidance, strength and inspiration from the otherside through divination, witchcraft, magick, and – to some extrent – astrology. We feel rooted in that subtle realm of energy, much as the outer events we experience in our “physical” reality are rooted in invisible movements of energy as well.
However, a simple truth that is perhaps too frequently overlooked, is that the Spirit world draws strength and power from our physical realm as well. We feed our dead, give birth to our ancestors, empower our Gods. There is Power to be found on the Other Side of the Veil, but there is Power in the Here and Now as well – in this world of tangible matter, in the luscious bounty of Mother Heart, in her soothing might, in the resources we acquire and manage through our intent.
Samhain might be around the corner, but, with the Moon on her way to fullness on November 4, 2017, at 5:23 UTC, at 11 degrees 58 minutes Taurus, the realness of our material plane is equally vibrant and palpable as that of the Spirit world.
Fertile and grounded, the sign of Taurus conveys the unadorned, genuine, docile energy of our Mother Earth; the affinity with the nurturing qualities of the Moon is strong: astrologers describe the Moon as “exalted” in this sign. It’s a combination that describes a climate of firmness and docility, a safer ground where to find our feet and resume our journey. The significance of primal support embodied by Taurus is also expressed in its rulership over material belongings, physical health, and money.
Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of the senses; and it’s this earthy, tellurian sphere we find under the lunar spotlight this time around, as we are gently reminded of the importance of our environment, and all the factors we are still allowed to care about as spiritually minded people – financial self-sustainance, bodily needs, pleasure, security.
When we are ungrounded, we struggle with being present, alert – we feel unfocused, easily distracted and influenced by outside forces, unable to exert our willpower and pursue our goals. When our cup is running on empty, we can’t give from the overflow.
This soothing, uncomplicated Full Moon serves as a pragmatic measuring point, inviting us to revel in the pleasure we deserve, take stock of our resources, assess the factors that contribute to our sense of self-worth and let the rest go.
This docile plenilune is supported by graceful, compassionate Neptune via sextile, while Full Moon ruler, Venus, sits in diplomatic Libra, involved in a stabilizing sextile to so(m)ber Saturn and an electrifying opposition to iconoclast Uranus. While this opposition might add a subtle streak of unruliness, the overall energy is unhurried, matter-of-fact, what-you-see-is-what-you-get. There are no hidden agendas, no ambiguousness, but also no room to bargain – just the unavoidable, stripped down truth of our physical achievements, the return on previous investments, the closure in financial matters, and the consolidation of our values.
The world around us is alive. Our hunger for life and pleasure is sacred. The fabric of our survival might be worn-out in places, while there are branches of our Soul that wait to bloom. This Full Moon will deliver the Truth in the firmest, most compassionate way possible.

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  • Dear Cristina,
    This is beautiful writing. This moon is conjunct my own Moon, Jupiter and South Node in Taurus. I am looking forward to it. Could you write sth about recent passage of Uranus in Taurus.? It would be just great. I have plenty of planets there..

    • Hey, Alice! The reason why I’m yet to write a post about Uranus in Taurus is that Uranus is not going to enter Taurus until May 2018. He’s still in Aries at the moment. But of course I’ll make sure I’ll write about it asap at some point in early 2018. I hope the Taurus Full Moon was kind to you! (♥

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