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Full Moon in Virgo, March 2, 2018 – Accuracy

"Out of Chaos comes Order", by Fiona Watson -
“Out of Chaos comes Order”, by Fiona Watson –

Virgo brings order amidst chaos. Virgo brings right where there is wrong. Virgo brings refinement and accuracy in the midst of coarseness, bemusement, disarray.
Virgo fixes what’s broken. Virgo cleanses the impure. Virgo gives form to the formless. Virgo sees through the BS. Virgo is the Hierophant, the mage, the healer, the builder – and, in the wake of this Eclipse season, we all could use some Virgo energy in our lives, no doubt.
The upcoming Virgo Full Moon (11 degrees), arriving on March 2, at 00:51 AM UTC (March 1st at 7:51 PM EST), is an infusion of clarity, a moment of lucidity, a glimmer of awareness.
Every Full Moon represents an energetic peak, which shines a powerful light on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses; a Virgo Full Moon, however, is more likely to resemble a laser beam, zeroing in on the details of the small print. Accurate, meticulous, almost scientific, it reveals a truth that cuts through the veil of delusions, demanding to be acknowledged.
And the truth is, perfection is not an endgoal. Perfection is the present moment, with all its tortuous, complex dynamics, its edges, its learning curves, its way of mirroring our own nature back at us. Perfection is us being in the here and now, engaging fully with our experience, accepting that life will always be a work in progress, and that in itself is the pinnacle of humanness. To keep on adjusting, rearranging ourselves, learning, adapting. To keep on shining a light on hidden places. Perfection is knowing, seeing, facing the current state of our reality, beyond our projections, illusions and wishful thinking, and rolling with it. Perfection is honesty. Perfection is just simply, wholeheartedly being.
With pristine accuracy, this Full Moon will help us organize our understanding of where we currently are in life, illuminating the areas we’re called to work on, while giving us the information and motivation we need to tackle them immediately. Everything will feel a little more obvious, a little more transparent, a little less ambiguous, even though the sheer candor and sharp veracity of this detail-oriented, clear-cut Full Moon are hardly going to coddle our Ego and appease our desires. On the contrary, the eye-opening quality of this plenilune is almost guaranteed to make us uncomfortable – at least at first, and especially if we resist and refuse to recognize our role and responsibility in the scheme of things.
There is a harmonious trine linking the Full Moon and the taskmaster, Saturn, in his domicile, Capricorn, suggesting that anything less than accountability in the face of our duties is not going to cut it – after all, accepting that we’ve had a hand in an issue goes hand in hand with realizing that we have the power to solve the problem. Power, agency and responsibility are tightly interwoven like threads of the same minutious fabric, made of minutiae and details, that the Virgo Full Moon will bring to light.

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