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Pluto square Sun and blog hiatus – I’m back (sort of)

You might or might not have noticed the complete lack of updates on this site since June, a time frame that coincided with the second peak of the transit of Pluto to my Libra Sun. Regrettably, instead of writing a blog post, I simply stated my intention of taking a break with a post on Aeternalight Astrology’s Facebook page, which resulted in, well, most of you being unaware of the reason behind my silence, and quite a few of you asking me if I was ok. 
Speaking of which, I’m eternally grateful for your support and concern over the past weeks. I actually, most definitely wasn’t ok – in fact, I wasn’t able to write (or even function normally, for that matter) for some time. The impact of a Pluto transit can be quite drastic and radical, evenmore so when one has a lifelong history of battling a mental health condition to begin with (I do not have the audacity to call myself a “healer”, but with Chiron square my Moon and Mars, and trine natal Pluto, the “wounded healer” trope is pretty much one of my astrological signatures). Beside the obvious limitations that a personal crisis imposes on individual creativity, I felt that it would have been inauthentic to keep running a blog of this kind while showcasing an unrealistic façade of imperturbability. Striving to be encouraging and constructive in my writing just wasn’t compatible with my mental and emotional state. And yet, Pluto is not the kind of guy that allows you to rebuild yourself and your life without abducting you for a nice trip into the underworld first (perhaps I’ll start a serie of posts that cover the subject of a Pluto transit in detail – what to expect, how to cope, and so on. After all, I’ve experienced Pluto transits to my Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Chiron all squeezed in a few years!).
However, Pluto isn’t done with my Sun yet. The next hit will pretty much take up the whole month of December, and then I will experience the fourth (!) and final square in September, 2017. The bottom line to this is that I’m not sure about when I’ll be able to blog consistently as I used to do – but this doesn’t have to stop me from writing and dedicating myself to Astrology altogether. Taking a few baby steps at a time seems to be the one thing that works for me right now, even though this might mean not being always able to keep up with every single astrological event for a while;  I know I need to be kind with myself, and that I can only take so much pressure. I also know that Astrology is vital to me, and so is feeling connected to you, the friends, beings, individuals, people I write for, and to whom I’m extremely thankful (you know I’m a Libra, so I’ll never stress this enough 😉 ).

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  • Thank you for the update. Pluto is/will be been squaring my sun, Mercury and Pluto in Libra, and I feel like I am genuinely going insane most of the time. Love light!

    • R, Love & Light right back at you and yes, that definitely sounds familiar!

    • Just wanted to write you a quick note to say that your update is much appreciated! You are my absolute favorite, and I wondered how your summer was going! For what it’s worth, as a fellow astrologer (nowhere near as studied, smart and eloquent as you), I believe the past year has been a doozy! It’s no wonder that we’re all reeling. I’m counting on the upcoming eclipses to provide much-needed closure to drama begun (or revealed) last fall around this time! Best wishes for a fruitful and positive September eclipse season and beyond….

      • Nat, I’m sure you’re great! 🙂 Feel free to send me a link to your writings if you have a blog. And, THANKS. ♥ I’m beyond honoured to know that someone thinks so highly of what I do.

  • Ciao Aeterna,

    Good to hear you’re back (sort of) and doing ok (sort of)!
    I just checked the site if by any chance there was a post on the upcoming full moon. I have visited your page before only to see old posts, so was wondering indeed what happened to you and I was disappointed as I very much Iike your explanations and accompanying art pictures.
    With all of the intense energetic times I’m not surprised you’re also influenced heavily. I’m in a Pluto trine Saturn transit until 2017and Pluto conjunct Venus transit until December, after a Pluto square Uranus transit in the previous years, so I’m also having my share of Pluto transformation energies. Pjewww. Take it slow girl and wishing you the best in these shaky time.

    Warm greetings from the Netherlands,

    • Annemiek, thank you so much for keeping up with me and for your kind words. ♥ I’m indeed trying to take it slow and easy. Posting about the Pisces Full Moon/Eclipse next!

  • I just wanted to mention that I had noticed your absence and hoped you were okay. I have missed your posts very much and look forward to whatever you have the time and energy to post in the future!

  • Hi Aeterna,

    Glad to see you are posting again. I did see your Facebook page so was aware that you were going to be taking a break, but kept checking on this site periodically because I too love your posts and find them refreshingly unique and real. I understand needing to take a break.

    I would be very interested to read your interpretations about Pluto transits or anything Pluto related. I have a 1 degree Scorpio ascendant and Pluto conjunct that ascendant. I have only been studying astrology for 2 years and don’t understand transits very well at this point, but I understand enough to know how much Pluto affects my entire life and how Plutonian I am. A reflection on my entire life confirms this powerful affect. As you could imagine, my life is quite intense and I am constantly broken down and rebuilding. I would be so appreciative of any insights you have on this mysterious planet/entity.

  • Welcome back

  • We are happy to see you here again. You offered so much to us with your talent and exquisite selection of music as well as art. Totally remarkable. Please take plenty of time for yourself to get through this difficult time and heal. Thinking of you.

  • All the best to you, Æterna, I have had Pluto squaring my moon the past 2-3 years from his spot in the 12th house and my moon in the ´8th, and I wholeheartedly agree – Pluto is not nice. He’s everything spice! But we wouldn’t be the same without, and when Pluto is done with you, there’s no going back.

    So, you’ve visited the Underworld of yourself for some months now – I salute you! I know your journey is not over, but I wish you strenght and good luck with your journey, one we probably all will have to do at some point in life. For me, Pluto is also sextiling Mercury and very soon my Sun, Venus and Jupiter, and after that I have some (hopefully) peaceful years untill he squares my sun for the first time in life I think.

    I am currently reading “The Book of Pluto” by Steven Forrest, and as he describes the forces of Pluto – you’re not in doubt when you’ve met a person who’ve survived a heavy Pluto transit. There’s an intensity to them, an inner fire that is hard to oversee”.

    I believe you are being trialed by fire. And I know you will get out again, harder, stronger and more resilient than ever <3

    • Anette,

      Thank you for your insights, especially for the tip to the Steven Forrest book. I haven’t read it yet, but with my particularly intimate relationship with Pluto that I’m just recently consciously exploring, I am definitely going to buy it. Thanks again.

  • By the way… I am a Scorpio myself… 4 planets in Scorpio (all of them in opposition with Chiron no less, on fixed star Algol!) – and 3 planets in the 3rd house, one of them Pluto…

    Pluto is almost the sole dispositor of every planet in the chart too. Living on “the dark side of the soul” can be a tough cookie sometimes. Hang on, and most importantly – believe!

  • *8th house

  • Dear Aeterna
    I send you all positive vibrations and best wishes. I wish you to be happy and healthy and strong! Solar eclipse seems to be a good time for wishes
    I am looking forward to reading your deep and enlightening posts!
    As a kid I have survived Uranus followed next by Pluto transiting and opposing my stellum : Chiron, SN, Moon, Jupiter, Pallas, Venus , Vesta, Mercury, IC and Sun. The moment when pluto was conjunct natal Uranus square natal Mars, DSC and Saturn conjunction was pure nightmare which started process of becoming a therapist and meditator,
    Sursum Corda

    • Thanks a lot, Alice, your words mean so much to me 🙂

  • Dear Aeterna*
    I might not know exactly how do you feel with your personal Pluto transit your Sun ,
    but I know very much the intensity and pressure of that feeling … going through my own
    Pluto transit* It is squaring my Aries Sun ( after a years of Uranus and Pluto conjunct or
    squaring my Jupiter, Midheaven, Chiron, Mercury, Ascendant, … and ride will continue…)*
    Adding to it a Neptune square Saturn this year, it is very much dry, 2 dimensional and
    stuck … It is even hard to surrender, to be present … in love … And we know that it is only
    and always the exit …
    I am glad you are back with Jupiter in Libra 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful posts*
    Un caro saluto ( from neighborhood in Italy)

  • Hi Aeterna,

    Am so glad you are back with your beautiful and thoughtful writing. Sending you lots of love and good wishes.

  • I read this post now, in November of 2017, while Pluto gears up for another swing at my Sun after squaring my Mercury/North Node/Pluto stellium.

    I was born with Sun conjunct Pluto, I have my Sun square an 8th house Mars, I am no stranger to intensity. But what I am going through now is ridiculous. I became seriously ill a few weeks ago, from a chronic infection, which then somehow interplayed with my overall depressive mental state, and drove me to the edge of something (I can’t explain it). In that moment I experience the essence of desolation and terror, and I was, of course, completely alone, away from home.

    Sometimes I can take a step back, and I see that I am being remoulded, physically, emotionally, psychologically. I can’t say spiritually, because my spirit has been squashed to nothing. There are brief flashes of joy and peace, but I have gone for almost 3 years now without a sense of peace. I don’t know what it feels like to be relaxed, to let go of tension. I have become physically very strong, after decades of looking boyish, I look like a man.

    People seem to be transfixed by me, they turn and look at me when I enter a room. Women seem fascinated, but I haven’t had a girlfriend in 3 years, partly because I am holding something back deep within, partly because I feel like I have some kind of insane power flowing through my brains. It sounds like madness, yet I feel coldly sane, I have learned to function efficiently on autopilot while my soul is in absolute torment. Once this is finished, Pluto will line up for an opposition with my Mars in the 8th house, and after that it will hit my Moon.

    I noticed the other day that I have completely stopped most of what I was doing in my life. I ran an active Facebook page with a big audience, which I have walked away from and completely lost interest in. I have friends who I don’t see anymore. I used to be a writer, but I don’t write anymore. I used to drink, I don’t anymore. I used to smoke weed, I don’t anymore. I don’t eat junk food, I eat nutritious food that could be cardboard for all the difference that it makes.

    All I have is a guitar next to my couch, where I spend hours sitting by myself, and I write music. A snippet of one of my songs goes ‘I got lost on the way back home, in the darkness of the city, with everybody else. When they came for my soul I had nothing left to sell, just this old broken radio, tuned permanently to hell.’

    I hope your transit leaves you in peace now.

    • Sven – I’m just getting to your comment and I’m grateful for your trust in opening up with me/us about your transits. I could not even start to articulate the extent to which I understand your struggles with depressive states and inner turmoil, but believe me, I do. The line about functioning efficiently on autopilot while the Soul is in torment sounds uncannily familiar. Just listen to what your body and Soul need right now – if they ask you to withdraw, then so be it, until the moment to come out of the woodwork comes again. At that point, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

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  • This is a newer post then the ones I’ve read here ! I hope you all survived your dances w Pluto ! My 19Aries Sun in 6th house of Health Squares my 3rd house Cappy 17 Saturn ! Have been ridiculously healthy whole life ! Never had even stitches before ! My first square of Pluto to my sun Feb of 2017 nothing happened but a month later in March had a stroke ! Drs still don’t know why ? I’m a Scorpio rising w Pluto in 10th opp my mars in Pieces in 4th ! I changed the way I eat started focusing on my body ! Recovered totally ! Luckily got care quick and had great drs !i also have had a surgery on my thyroid & shoulder ! I go to gym religiously and walk 2miles every night ! Had 2nd square coming up in Aug 18 ! My general health is excellent ! Pluto 2nd square is surprise breast cancer in one breast ! Lucky again ? Caught it super early very small lesion ! Dr said it’s not going to kill me it’s totally contained and only needs to be removed ! No chemo ! He says to look at it like I’m getting a boob job my insurance will pay for ! Fortunately I’m a large breasted women w a small lesion so they’ve got a lot to work with prob needed a reduction anyway ? Still is scaring the crap out of me ! My surgery is sch Oct1st My third square is Nov 24th 2018 in a couple of months ! Never prayed so much in my life ! I’m grateful for everyday ! My Pluto also trines my 2nd house Jupiter so my faith has been twisted and torn then I’ve had to reconstruct it ! I’m hoping the stroke which stole my once beautiful smile it’s kinda crooked now but may recover ? and now breast cancer stealing my nice breasts which I’m assured I will recover totally from ! I’ve been working hard on being healthy I’m happy with my healthy habits ! But not sure if my easy going happiness and my
    innocent faith will reappear ? Hoping I don’t get another hit on third pass ! w my progressed mars siting on my Natal Sun bringing out the Pluto mars opp nataly it’s all scary ! But I’m still here ! must not be done w my chart yet cause I could have died w the stroke but fate got me quick & excellent care and I was relatively healthy even before I rebuilt my body ! I’ve changed totally deep inside ! Don’t see it as a gift yet ! Maybe when I get past the last square and nothing else happens I can begin to heal completely inside and out ! I wish anyone reading this health & happiness and love all are needed to survive a hard Pluto transit to sun at least that’s what I’ve needed and I’ve gotten it in the form of good Drs & great health coverage ! And love & support from my man and family ! So lucky ? but not so lucky ! Feels like a curse ! Still praying I’m done and third pass will happen w/o incident !


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