Introduction to Astrology, part I. “You are more than just your Sun Sign”

The “cosmic being” is an Archetype found in many cultures across the millennia. From the Vedic Puruṣa, to the primordial giant Ymir of Norse mythology, just to name a few. Cosmic comes from the Greek word Kosmos, a word which ethymologically suggests a complex yet orderly system – something that’s more than the sum of its parts. Just as we are. As much as our Heart is the center of our body, both physically and energetically, our whole physical and energetical
being is composed of a number of other parts and functions that are equally as important; similarly, our Solar System, backdropand its orderly, harmonious whole, does not just consist of the Sun alone. In Astrology, the Sun is the natural ruler of the Heart and its planetary counterpart, signifying our Inner Self, the core of our Being, our very Essence – but there’s more to us than that. Personality, emotional needs, physical appearance, intellect, drive, motivation, ambitions, Life philosophy – all of these exceed the natural rulership of the Sun, which remains the Centre to which we’re anchored. In any Natal Chart or Horoscope, the expression of one’s Sun Sign is naturally coloured by the presence of all of the aspects above in guise of the other planets (and asteroids), and the respective aspects they make to the Sun itself and to each other. The generic Sun Sign descriptions that are found in most Astrology books are not meant to be taken literally as an accurate indicator of your person as a whole  – they provide a generic, stereotypical description of the Sign that has no realistic mirroring in real Life, since we are, in fact, more than just the stathic, cliché expression of a single, monolithic energy. Your Sun, the centre of your Vital Force, is channelled through your willpower (Mars), expressed through your intellect (Mercury), filtered through your appearance (Ascendant), connected to your emotions (Moon), and so on. And yet, Sun Sign Astrology is what most of Astrology detractors base on in order to justify and legitimate their skepticism towards this discipline.
Bottom line: if you don’t completely identify with your Sun Sign, be aware that, unless you have a huge Stellium (group of three or more planets) in the same sign, this is not and will never be possible. You’re a human being – a microcosmos: complex, orderly and whole.
Below, a simplified list of the main elements of a Natal Chart (I left out the Asteroids on purpose, since they would make the picture overly complicated at this stage) along with some brief (and purposely simplistic) keywords. I’m going to expand exhaustively on each and everyone of them in the upcoming posts. Remember: planet is the what, sign is the how.

  • Sun: your inner, true Self. The Essence, the Heart, the Soul if you will.
  • Moon: your emotions and how you deal with them, your “unlit Self”.
  • Mercury: mind, intellect, communication, thought process.
  • Mars: how you assert yourself, drive, sexuality.
  • Venus: how you Love, what you value, your artistic talents.
  • Jupiter: your Life philosophy, money, wealth, luck.
  • Saturn: your sense of duty, where your limitations and restrictions lie.
  • Uranus: your potential for innovation, change, originality.
  • Neptune: transcendence, inspiration, spirituality, but also delusions, illusions, idealization.
  • Pluto: power, control, depth, transformation, death, the metaphysical side of sexuality.

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