Introduction to Astrology, part III. Natal Chart vs. Progressed Chart

b&wcosmoAs explained in the previous post of the Introduction to Astrology series, “the Birth Chart, or Natal Chart /Wheel, is a visual representation mapping the positions of planets in the sky at the time you were transitioning into this world“. However, being conscious individuals who are perpetually dealing with the continuous flow of Life, we are bound to experience different, and further stages of awareness about our inner structure, personality and needs. Our experiences, reactions and the thought process they trigger make us re-negotiate our outlook on Life, and, since Astrology is all but a deterministic system, it reflects this natural constant of human existance. In short, humans are not stathic entities – we progress, and our Charts do, as well.
There are various techniques to calculate a Progressed Chart. The most popular one is the day-for-a-year method, commonly known as Secondary Progressions: it involves moving the Planets in the Natal Chart forward one day for each year of the person’s Life. It is not the most valid method, rather just the one that’s most frequently used. Other techniques (Solar Arc, Naibod and so on) simply provide slightly different takes and views on how the Radix chart is projected in the Present.
Unlike the Birth Chart, the insight offered by the Progressed Chart has a much more introspective, even subconscious significance. While the Birth Chart can point out at both inner and outer circumstances, and it remains accurate throughout the entire present Life cycle, the Progressed Chart displays the dynamics that operate on a Soul/Psyche level. Such dynamics don’t alter the core of our beingness, that remains consistent with the placement of the Sun in our Natal Chart, but rather how we relate to it basing on the level of personal evolution we’re experiencing. We might become more conflicted, or more at peace with parts of us that we used to neglect or repress. We might be presented with major Life events that may trigger strong emotional responses. We could go through intense times of introspection, or we may notice notice that our emotional needs at a given time of our Life are focused differently (i.e. Moon changing sign), even though our main emotional mode of expression remains overall coherent. Thus, even actual planetary transits to sensitive points of our Progressed Chart can signify turning points in our inner world.

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