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Jupiter stations Retrograde, March 8, 2018 – Unconscious Oracle

"Black Ice", by American Ghoul aka Daniel Vasquez -
“Black Ice”, by American Ghoul aka Daniel Vasquez –

If it’s true that ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step‘, it’s also true that life, as a long, tortuous journey, needs its moments of rest, course-correction, introspection – especially while we are wandering through dark territories that bring us face to face with loss, radical transformation and rebirth, as it’s been happening ever since Jupiter went into Scorpio.
Today, the benevolent giant of our solar system, the wayfarer, the Guru, turns to a halt at 23°13 Scorpio, encouraging us to slow down, pull back and make sure we aren’t wandering off the Path that is right for us. 
When in retrogradation, planets reflect a contemplative, internalized turn of the energy they represent. In keeping with the cyclical laws of our Universe, retrogrades orchestrate the ebbs and flows of our existence, allowing us to pause and re-evaluate the spheres of life that fall under their domain. As cosmic wanderer Jupiter stations retrograde in the dark, morbid sign of the Scorpion, it’s like the Universe is asking us to look back one last time.
Some things we’re leaving behind for good – including bits and pieces of ourselves that are not compatible with who we strive to become. Places, people and commitments that drain our power, our resources. Toxic bonds. Everything that seems to coddle our Ego and function as a palliative to our worst fears, but is actually just going to hinder our glorious, merciless growth in the long run.
In case we’ve been steaming ahead without consideration for what is truly best for us, a few hold-ups and delays are necessary for us to draw on our inner wisdom, in order to better evaluate what’s come our way so far, and whether or not the latest developments are aligned with our becoming, with our feelings, with our hopes – with the whole of ourselves. Scorpio demands nothing less than deep emotional honesty – the kind of truth and coherence that simultaneously make us uncomfortable and deliver us.
Even though it might be shocking to witness people and situations we used to rely on, but weren’t really adding to our growth, getting jettisoned from our life, it’s important to adjust accordingly and stay open to the new possibilities that fill up the emptied spaces. This is not the end of our journey; we’re merely dropping the burden in excess so that we can get closer to our destination.
Jupiter will station direct on July 10, 2018, at 13 degrees Scorpio.

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