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Insight Astrology
Home of the writings of Faith Thomas. Her insightful work is backed up by years and years of experience, and she’s still a kind, empathic and down-to-earth person.

Jessica Murray – MotherSky Astrology
Jessica is an Astrologer of 30+ years, incorporating her studies in Jungian psychology and linguistics into her long-standing practice. She has been published on journals such as the prestigious The Mountain Astrologer magazine.

The Inner Wheel
Dawn Bodrogi is my role model and inspiration. Her site is dedicated to intermediated and advanced Astrological interpretation, and her articles are simply brilliant.

The Dark Pixie Astrology
Horoscopes, tarotscopes, numerology, and free mini e-courses, by Nic Gaudette.

Kristy Harding’s Narrative Astrology
Kristy brings her two major passions together, Astrology and Literature. The result is original, refreshing and entertaining.

MoonPluto Astrology
Where the Magic(k) happens. Astrology, Tarot and Witchcraft for the more metaphysically inclined readers or those who resonate with Watery energy.

Spirit Star Astrology
Melissa is a visual artist, a traveller, an explorer of cultures, and her Astrology is equally exciting and adventurous!


Tarot Farm
Don’t hesitate to book a reading with lovely Ali if you’re looking for a gentle, but truthful and honest reader that kindly guides you into this beautiful, complex world of archetypes and symbols.


Please consider visiting any of these links and educating yourself in order to make a better world possible:

Becoming Vegan – Vegan Starter Kit
Eat Well Eat Veg
Mercy for Animals
Last Chance for Animals
Earthlings Movie
Animal Justice Project
Animal Equality
Vegan Future Now


If you’re feeling depressed/suicidal but, like me, are uncomfortable making phone calls, this is an amazing suicide help line that works like a text-based instant messenger.

7 Cups of Tea
Free online text chat with trained therapists.


My favourite visual artists (well, the living ones… beside Turner, of course!)
Samantha Keely-Smith
Freydoon Rassouli
Darren Waterston
Ysabel LeMay
Kim Keever
Beth Nicholas
Annachiara Musella (Facebook)

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  • Good morning, Aeterna of the soulful name,
    I saw your link on my FB page and was delighted to find your site. Thank you for graciously setting boundaries vis-a-vis answering inquiries. The internet is an etiquette-free zone, an environment that needs all of us to set standards of politeness.
    I would like to post mutual links on our respective sites. I am told the internet has moved headlong onto FaceBook these days, where I don’t know know my way around very well; but would be glad to do a mutual thing there too.
    At the Quarter Moon,
    blessed be the skywatchers.
    Jessica Murray

  • Christina, You are so gifted and I love that I can be in a group with you on Faith’s Insight astrology. You are a multidimensional astrologer, and have so many interests!

    • Linda, you warm my heart always. Thank you (and I am lucky to be in a group with you all!)

  • I am impressed with your recent Neptune square Saturn interpretation. so beautifully written. I am an astrologer of 40 years in the USA. I just wanted to say I will enjoy reading more of your presentations. I interested in what you wrote about Neptune since it is so prominant in my chart.
    Best regards,
    John D. Grove

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