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Mars enters Cancer, June 4, 2017 – Tender

Image by Nádia Maria Photography -
Image by Nádia Maria Photography –

The animal kingdom (which includes us humans) is a perfect example to illustrate how femininity and sensitiveness are not at all synonyms of weakness: few creatures are as fierce and dangerous as mothers protecting their offspring.
Mars is the planet that symbolizes assertion, aggression and drive; he’s at home in Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn, the signs that best enhance his proactive, forceful attitude. On the other hand, Mars is traditionally considered to be in his fall in the motherly, emotional sign of Cancer: well-versed in the art of war and proficient in the skill of attack, Mars is here forced to adopt a defensive, protective stance which doesn’t entirely suit him.
Yet, make no mistake: Cancer Mars is by no means useless or ineffectual – especially if you know how to use it.
A Cancer Mars is still a Mars whose fierce instincts can be aroused, with emotions and intuition becoming fuel to his fire, raw nerves and weak spots his catalysts.  Impetuous and belligerent Mars in the sign of the crab merely changes skin – or, rather, grows a shell. The bold warrior that we know becomes territorial and guarded: from intrepid pioneer, to alert defender. Cancer is still very much a Cardinal sign, an initiator, and, as such, doesn’t lack willpower, instinct and single-mindedness – everything that makes Mars, Mars.
But these  traits, instead of being externalized in the upfront, straightforward, and direct fashion that is so typical of Mars in his domicile and exaltation, are turned within to explore the inner realms of emotion and intimacy, sinking deep into the ground where invisible foundations lay – the roots that anchor us to the soil.
This intimate, hidden sphere will come to the fore from June 4 to July 20, the time frame that will see Mars himself penetrating the amniotic world of Cancer, stirring the waters of our inner microcosm, awakening our feelings, inflaming our hearts.
Mars in Cancer might be meandering, indirect, hesitant – but he’s not passive, or powerless. On the contrary, during Mars’ transit of Cancer, we will be reminded of the primal, undeniable pull of our emotions, their sheer power, their importance for our self-awareness, health and well-being. Emotions drive most of our decisions (if not all); when not disordered, they provide information about the circumstances we face, acting as messengers between our inner knowing and our rational intellect;  for good or ill, they shape our relationship dynamics. In short, emotions do have action potential: Mars in Cancer will make sure we integrate this awareness, prompting us to become more acquainted with what we feel, how we process it, and how we act it out.
It should come as no surprise, then, to notice how people are more easily emotionally triggered than usual during this transit. Mars in Cancer has a way of rubbing against our most sensitive spots, bringing unaddressed, unprocessed feelings to the surface. Sorting out our feelings, checking in with them and sitting with them without judgment is a healthy way to prevent the otherwise puerile, frantic outbursts of repressed temper that might occur, fed by unconscious patterns inherited from our bloodline, our childhood, our past.
Emotional triggers are closely connected with conscious or subconscious memories they set off. Cancer is the archetype in which we meet our past, and Mars in this sign might have us vigorously forging ahead into forgotten territories, reviving times gone by, restoring past experiences to consciousness. This connection with the past is likely to play out in the nature of the possible conflicts (Mars) we might be experiencing at this time, and it’s easy to see how the whole experience can turn out uncomfortable for those who still carry major unresolved issues from a previous stage in Life.
We might also resort to tenderness, care and displays of emotion/vulnerability as means to pursue or attract subjects of sexual and romantic interest. The desire to integrate a deeper level of intimacy and emotional connection on a sexual level will also become a stronger motivation; the carnal appetite of Mars in Cancer is not to be underestimated, but it’s a hunger that runs deep, a need to evoke the vague reminiscence of a powerful primal bonding through the meeting of two bodies.
As the sharp edge of Mars cuts deep through our tender, softer sides, we will be given the chance to keep our finger on the pulse of our feelings, grow through them and with them, and harness their power.

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  • Oh brilliant Cristina! You 📿🕊🌌 i simply love all your work 😇 andria ✴


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