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Mars enters Capricorn, March 17, 2018 – Tunnel Vision

Painting by Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾 北斎).
Painting by Katsushika Hokusai (葛飾 北斎).

The heights of our goals and ambitions are beckoning to us once again, while Mars enters high-reacing, purposeful Capricorn. The transition from the sign of the Archer to that of the Goat, from theory to practice, from prophetic fervour to cold-blooded determination, is in the air – it’s almost palpable. A tension that prompts us to chase, to conquer – methodically, systematically, strategically, no matter how tough or lonesome the climb.
Because, truth be told, Capricorn is one of Mars’ favourite terrains. So much that, in fact, the fierce warrior will revisit this sign later this year from early August to early September, during his retrograde phase. The push we are currently feeling towards fulfillment, achievement, completion, is, therefore, more than a passing feeling. It’s our intuition’s way of telling us there’s more to our drive and dreams that we are able to see at the present time. This is a crucial conjuncture in our life, stressed by cosmic father Saturn’s transit of his home sign – what we want for ourselves, what we know we deserve, matters in the long run – and not just on an individual level, but perhaps for the collective as well.
This is why we’d be well advised to make the most of the focused fortitude and disciplined willpower Mars in Capricorn is currently granting us. First with careful assessments (especially considering the fact that Mercury is about to station retrograde in a few days), then with feasible, realistic plans, and, eventually, with action. Most importantly, through control. Control on our enthusiasms, control on our resources, control on our passions. The kind of control that allows us to harness, to sublimate, to turn our fire into fuel.
Capricorn doesn’t do half-assed. Capricorn doesn’t give up or give in. At worst, Capricorn re-calibrates, course-corrects, rearranges, all while holding itself accountable.
Know your weaknesses, but know your strengths. Know the desires of your heart, and go for them.

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