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Mars enters Leo, July 20, 2017 – Absolutego

"Dramatis Personae", by Qistina Khalidah -
“Dramatis Personae”, by Qistina Khalidah –

When was the last time you felt alive, vibrant, fully aligned with your heart’s desires?
Our inner fire needs to be fed, nurtured, revered – at times, revived, especially when all the injustice in the world, all the low vibrational realities we encounter, all the life-sucking entities we deal with, threaten to extinguish it.
Our Heart (physical, energetical, metaphorical) is the core of our microcosm; joy and self-fulfillment are its fuels. Leo is its domain. With warrior Mars entering the regal sign of the lion on July 20 (and a New Moon happening in the same sign shortly after, of which I’ll write about in a couple days), it’s time to fight for what makes us happy, and shamelessly, actively pursue our bliss.
Leo is a happy place for Mars: ruled by the Sun, it is as lively and magnificent as the core of our Solar system. The radiation created by the Sun, which reaches the Earth, is essential to life on our planet, an effect that has been recognized since the prehistoric times and which brought this yellow dwarf to be revered as the giver of Life. The sign of Leo retains this life-giving symbolism; it relates to self-actualization through biological, sexual, artistic creativity, the act (and Art) of pouring personal energy into something that becomes an extension/projection of the Self – children, books, songs, any product of human self-expression.
With Mars stirring up the Leonine energy, the desire and the potential to shine, as unique individuals with unique talents, to taste the pleasures and the joys Summer has to offer, to rekindle our passion for Life, will be prominent. Mars in Leo will incite us to actualize the realization of our personal potential, and to focus on whatever brings us self-validation and gratification. To put ourselves first in the healthiest, most constructive way, and reclaim the passion, ardour and sensuality that we lost.
Perhaps it’s not true that we can’t love someone else if we don’t love ourselves first (how many mentally disabled folks struggle with overcoming the trauma that made them impossible for them to feel worthy, and are still capable of unmatched levels of love and devotion?), but one thing is sure. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, we can’t be sure someone else will. In fact, we can’t rely on someone else to fight for us and what we love. We must fight for ourselves – for who and what we love. For the right to be who we are and love who and what we love, whatever it takes. The right to create, and take pleasure in such process of creation. And, through that very same creation, rekindle our grit, confidence, zest for life – because, in creating, we’re giving birth to ourselves, and getting in touch with our inner child once more.  Too, Mars in Leo can spark the inspirational fire we need to create something that makes us proud – no matter its nature, form or substance.
It might as well be our life as an unapologetic, chameleonic, fiery work of Art.

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  • A fitting, radiant exposé. This transit is extra special for me because I am about to welcome my first child into the world. I haven’t studied much about mars in Leo, and this made me smile and tear up, but most importantly made my heart feel happy. Thinking of my little one about to be born into the fire and water, earth and air. I can’t wait to meet their warmth and for it to change my life forever.

    • Brian – I’m so excited to read this!! Heartfelt congratulations, and may the Universe bless your newborn & family with happiness and prosperity. The little one is surely going to grow into a warm, radiant, loyal individual with this Leo energy gracing the skies. ♥ MUCH LOVE.


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