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Mars enters Libra, October 22, 2017 – Butterflies and Hurricanes

Photo by Brooke DiDonato -
Photo by Brooke DiDonato –

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance—instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole.” [source: Wikipedia]

No matter how trite this statement might sound – we are One, and we all need each other.
No matter the amount of strength, resilience and agency we possess as individuals – we are interdependent beings, whose actions, intentions and privileges are able to impact and affect the actions, intentions and privileges of those who surround us.
We can’t escape the consequences of our actions. We can’t escape the Other within, the Self without. Thinking in terms of inter-connectedness is perhaps the only effective mean to realize about the true meaning of justice, fairness and equality. The moment we claim a better, more functional society for ourselves by marginalizing and oppressing different individuals or groups as a consequence, we ourselves are becoming the oppressors.
Planet of action and assertion, Mars, enters the sign of interdependence and relatedness, Libra, today, October 22. From now on, until December 9, when he will dive headfirst into his natural habitat Scorpio, we will be directly witnessing the application of the principle of entanglement in our day-to-day lives: the anger we withold and project, the feelings we act out, the notions that we entertain about what is right and wrong, reverberate from within ourselves and return in the form of feedback generated by the people with whom we interact. Everything is mirrored back at us, all the time. With Mars transiting Libra, these dynamics will become even more obvious and relevant. Too, we will notice that our pursuits and endeavours can and will benefit from the contribution of friends, partners and allies.
Mars is subjective, self-centered and impetuous; as the ruler of both Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, and Scorpio, he symbolizes the first onrush of propulsive energy that’s necessary to kick off (or transform) a cycle of experience. His transits illustrate the subtle shifts in the modus operandi, decision-making and modalities of assertion within the collective. It’s a raw, unsophisticated energy that disregards manners, etiquette, and equanimity, all of which is of paramount importance to collected, diplomatic Libra. The endless vacillation of the scales in search of an ideal balance forces the Martian vigor to slow down and become less straightforward, more meandering and cerebral than usual.
This is not a time for trailblazing, individualistic enterprises. On the contrary, forward momentum could sway or even pause, as we sort out our alliances, weigh our options, move towards togetherness.
Although he’s normally one to fiercely blaze on towards his own goals, Mars in Libra feels pressured to balance its instincts with the rights and perspectives of others. The Libran middle ground is perceived to be the ultimate goal. When channeled properly, this is a combination that can bring out the compassionate fighter in us and prompt us to take a stand against injustices and inequality. At worst, however, and especially if our natal Mars is already afflicted, with Mars’ aggression and willpower diluted in Libra’s social grace, we might struggle with responding to conflicts and challenges in an appropriate fashion. Mars in Libra can trigger and inflame the latent tensions that undermine our relationships, precipitating the unaddressed issues that we swept under the rug until the present moment.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind for the duration of this transit:

– Examine your anger roots. Libra is a pro at weighing every side of a situation, so it’s important to assess whether or not our anger is truly rooted in the same situation that triggered it; this helps acknowledging the patterns that you need to break.
– Temporarily leave the scene of a heated argument to let off steam if you feel tempted to engage in negative behaviours like passive-aggressiveness, sarcastic remarks, guilt tripping or projection (this doesn’t mean that you should try avoiding confrontation at all costs, see the “Don’t” list).
– Reach out to others (partners, friends, relatives) and politely but honestly address relevant issues, with settling possible disputes as the only goal. You can discuss your pattern of anger provided that you’re not trying to guilt trip or manipulate the person but just to build mutual trust and acquire a broader perspective.
– Keep your motives in check.

– Put others’ needs before yours. Libra is about balance, not self-denial, which can only lead to resentment and passive-aggressiveness as an outlet for repressed needs. Seek for cooperation and cross-collaboration instead.
Force your beliefs and principles onto others. Rather, learn how to listen.
– Withdraw communication as a mean of control, manipulation or avoidance, a.k.a. “silent treatment”, or generally hold back what you know your partner truly needs from you.
– Indulge in emotional regression. Your rage lasts as long as you continue to angrily construct a specific scenario, and it can skew your interpretation of events; try to distance yourself from these mental fabrications and stay reality-based.

Whenever we let our anger and destructive instincts get the best of us, everybody loses. Every time we strive to be the best version of ourselves in the face of challenges and confrontation, we bring more fairness and justice to the world.

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  • Libra Moon conjunct Neptune and Ascendant. “Libra is about balance not self denial” Hits me where I live! Thank You!


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