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Mars enters Pisces, December 19th, 2016 – Undressed Moment

Photo by Aneisha Malcolm -
Photo by Aneisha Malcolm –

“It’s okay to admit that you’re not quite sure where you’re headed. If you stay focused in your intentions, life works out.”
~ Astrologer Jason “Sagittarian Mind” Fleming, on Twitter

We could write entire essays on the sociological aspect of Mars and the way this planetary principle is being distorted and misdirected in the globalized, business-ified world. The unhealthy fixation on careerism and success that pervades our post-modern era would be a good starting point for all of them. Our neoliberist, competitive society hardly allows for initiatives and actions that aren’t profitable, capable of producing tangible results. Already before we enter adolescence, advertising, media and institutions pressure us to figure out worldly ambitions that we’re expected to embrace and pursue with conviction – a mythologized, dogma of professional self-realization that serves the actual purpose of getting us to commit to a lifelong cycle of production and consumption.
Work has spilled over from the office settings to the open spaces and even to the privacy of our homes; we’re constantly plugged into our business networks thanks to the electronic devices that make us available around the clock. Glorified standards of efficiency which are becoming increasingly hard to meet, palliate the reality of understaffed workplaces where less and less colleagues are available to share the workload. In this context, even things like art or spirituality have become commodified experiences that must abide to the laws and rhythms of the market.
We have internalized the quantization of time in terms of the concrete outputs that we can generate, the financial benefits we can gain, the revenues we can originate, encouraged by a system that prioritizes the economy, while completely disregarding the natural ebb and flow of energy in our organisms, and the cycle of inward and outward motion that animates the Universe and that goes on and on, whether or not we’re paying attention.
This cycle is mapped by the transit of Mars, the planet of action and assertion, which orbits the Sun over the course of 687 days, signaling the oscillation of energy both in ourselves and in the environment; an ouroboric movement that spans the whole Zodiac circle, from the fiery awakening of Aries, through the delicate balance of Libra, to the quiet wane of Pisces. The passage of Mars through the last sign of the Zodiac coincides with that phase during which the pulse of our reality slows down to a nearly lethargic pace, in order to allow us to retrieve our energy from our surroundings, regroup, and recharge our physical and spiritual batteries.
Thus, starting from December 19, when the god of War plunges into psychedelic, dreamlike Pisces, we might find it harder to focus our energy towards a single, clear-cut direction, and easier to just go with the (meandering) flow of events. Not only that’s something entirely normal, but perhaps there’s magic and relief and poetry to be found in the sequence of blurry, undressed moments brought by this transit. The nuanced, shimmering realm of Pisces might be an unwelcoming place for the rough, penetrative urgency of Mars, but this combination, as unusual and outlandish as it may be, can bring undeniable benefits – especially for those of us who are currently overworked, overwhelmed, spiritually starved.
Because of not blending well with structures, schedules and agendas, Mars in Pisces energy allows us to give up the pressure of being in charge and embrace the comfort of trust; because of the decline in the overall levels of activity, we are encouraged to take back our energy from the circumstances and events that are beyond our control. Because of the thin veil of fog that clouds the remote corners of our visual field, we can rediscover the thrill of venturing into the unknown, staying open to the miraculous, the serendipitous, the unexpected turns of events.
Mars in Pisces is about allowing things to happen, rather than struggling to make all pieces of the confusing puzzle of our existence fit together; it’s about staying focused on our intent and allow ourselves to be gently guided towards its fulfillment; it’s about experimenting with more receptive, intuitive ways to respond to events rather than forcing the issues. Savouring the journey, rather than stressing out about the destination – and therefore, making room for the things that make the journey worthwhile.
Many of these things fall under the domain of Pisces, Neptune and the 12th House; artistic expression, spiritual fulfillment, compassionate communion, creative visualization, dreams, aspirations soothe the hunger of the Soul in ways no material good, no worldly accomplishment ever could. Mars’ transit of Pisces is the apt time to tap once more into this ethereal well of supernal gratification, from which we can draw the motivation to act from the highest possible place in our hearts, temporarily casting our self-interest aside. We can use this transit to revel in the emotional, metaphysical richness brought to us by those priceless things that can’t be bought with money or obtained through physical labour – the inner peace of mind found in surrender, the stillness of meditation, the wonder of turning our inspiration into a poem, a song, a painting, the adamantine composure infused into us by knowing that someone, somehow, is acknowledging the purity of our intentions and the strength of our intents.
Only when we quit trying to force our reality into a preconceived scheme, its amazing, limitless possibilities can unfold.
Mars leaves Pisces for Aries on January 28th, 2017.

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  • I love how you word things. You’re so on point and elegant in your writing…

    Curious to see how this transit will manifest!

  • Beautifully written , and I’m guessing a very heartfelt expression of the transit to come. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Joyce. Your words mean so much, really. 🙂

  • Eloquently written. Love your posts. You have the gift of sharing even the worst transits, creating beautiful logic, while smoothing the harshness.

    My Jupiter in Libra needs this.

  • So inspiring, This is the first time I have read your work. I admire your ability to write beautifully
    Crafted words that hold so much meaning. I have also been hearing about this time of great change
    As Mars enters Pisces. I have read also that nere
    My birthday, “March 28, 1956” the this time is also very influenced by 3 planets. Is Mars one of them. Could you tell me more? Thank you.

  • “We could write entire essays on the sociological aspect of Mars and the way this planetary principle is being distorted and misdirected in the globalized, business-ified world.”
    Please, do! Write an essay ! Your writing is so delightful, refined, powerful, rough and pristine, please, write an essay!


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