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Mars enters Sagittarius, January 26, 2018 – Silver Arrows

"Jason and his Teacher", by Maxfield Parrish (1870 - 1966).
“Jason and his Teacher”, by Maxfield Parrish (1870 – 1966).

The cyclical views of time promulgated by ancient thinkers such as Plato and Leonardo da Vinci, and expressed in Hindu scriptures, find their echo in the newest cosmological models that uphold the theory of a ceaselessly contracting and expanding Universe.
The Cosmos shrinks and grows accordingly to a precisely orchestrated pace, and we, the small-scale universes in miniature, are naturally bound to do the same.
There is a time to recoil into ourselves, and a time to reach out and branch out; a time to stand still, and a time to accelerate.
Mars‘ ingress into fiery, enthusiastic Sagittarius, on January 26, definitely ushers in a phase of expansion and exploration, coming after the subterranean sublimation we experienced during the Mars in Scorpio weeks: armed with the bow and arrow of the Centaur, the god of war abandons himself to the frenzied euphoria of conquest, giving in to wanderlust.
In short, life opens up… at least in the area of our chart that contains Sagittarius. We realize there are horizons that beckon us. Literal, metaphorical, cultural, geographical ones. The inner, Scorpionic places we have been probing throughout the past few weeks may start to feel claustrophobic and smothering as we suddenly feel the urge to swim towards the surface for a breath of fresh air. The hunger to revitalize our ideas and perspective through movement and knowledge takes over; we want to take our blinders off and take it all in, to envision the future and charge after it.
Sagittarius’ lust for discovery is associated with foreign cultures and long-distance travels as much as with physical activity, education, spirituality; with Mars igniting this sign, some might find an outlet to their increased energy level in sports and outdoor activities, while others might channel the same energy into spiritual, academic or philosophical pursuits. Many will be motivated to act on their high-reaching ideas, share their wisdom, and fire their arrows of righteousness far and wide, an attitude that can easily become a source of conflict under a transit like this one. Sagittarius is profoundly concerned with morality and principles, and Mars, the god of War, can easily turn into a fanatic crusader when infused with its zealous edge; still, with Saturn patrolling his own Capricorn territory for the next two years, it will be wise to keep the possible consequences of our behaviour in mind.
There is little to no use in trying to convert, evangelize, brainwash others – even more so when Mars’ transit of Sagittarius presents us with such a valuable chance to renew our ideas, our mindset, our outlook on life, to expand them through the encounter with otherness, and to allow the newfound enthusiasm and understanding to take us places.
Our freedom doesn’t have to come at the price of others’ oppression, when we can all blaze our individual path together and lift each other up.

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