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Mars enters Scorpio, December 9, 2017 – The Beast

"Escapes", by Martin Stranka -
“Escapes”, by Martin Stranka –

Scorpio speaks a different language than Libra altogether; the wordless, subtle yet visceral idiom of feelings and impulses.
Anchored in our human form, yet informed (and haunted) by the awareness of what awaits us beyond its decay, survival instinct in particular is one of the main driving forces that move Scorpio – together with the mysterious, irrepressible urge to sting itself to death in order to revive anew.
The echo of such ancestral self-preservation instinct is present whenever our gut feeling warns us about unusual, suspicious vibes coming from our surroundings. Threats are incredibly easy to detect for the beast that lives within, even though its admonitory howls and snarls might not be as easy to decipher for our rational, civilized intellect. And, while in some cases, it’s in our best interest to go with our hunches and distance ourselves from the source of trouble, other times it’s our primal fighting urge that threatens to take over, pushing us to overcome fear, unleash our inner fighter, and step into the flames.
Any other personality trait normally associated with Scorpio – jealousy, possessiveness, secrecy – is but a reflection of the Scorpion’s timeless, fossil-like preservation of the primeval beastly nature of men and women – which, in its capability to preserve our ancestors from death and harm, is (un)surprisingly close to wisdom.
This feral counterpart to our refined mind is what will guide us through Mars‘ transit of Scorpio from December 9, 2017, until January 26, 2018, functioning as our personal GPS system while the reckless warrior of our Solar System makes his way through the dark Scorpio swamps.
He does so fearlessly, and with ease, since Mars was Scorpio’s ruler prior to the discovery of Pluto. But while Mars in Aries overtly calls forth our inner warrior, Scorpio represents the hidden, nocturnal facet of this belligerent, aggressive planetary archetype. Mars in Scorpio is usually associated with strategy – knowing when to make a move, when to step back, when to hide, when to come forth, what to reveal. While Mars transits Scorpio, our senses need to be alert, our bodies ready, our eyes open – all three of them.
At this time, our ability to move forward and overcome obstacles entirely depends on our level of awareness and responsiveness towards both the signals that come from the surrounding environment as well as those that our intuition sends us. To access and harness the innate, totemic wisdom of the animal within. To move wisely and cautiously, like a predator, and emerge from the shadows when the moment is right. To avoid mindlessly dissipating our strength and resources, instead learning how to withold personal energy and release it at the appropriate time. To step into our power, and, most importantly, to confront the inner blockages, fears and compulsions that keep us from feeling powerful and in control of our own life.

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  • Beautiful writing as always Cristina, thank you. I hope to relish the slow burn of Mars in Scorpios passion too. Xx


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