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Mars enters Virgo, September 5, 2017 – Logic

Picture by Ange Harper -
Picture by Ange Harper –

The seismic shifts unleashed in our lives by the two August eclipses, coupled with the complex, slippery Rx cycle of Mercury (ending with the direct station on this very same day), might have left us viscerally craving clarity, hungry for lucidity, yearning for transparency. So many tumultuous emotions that shook us to the very core, so much information to review, so many facts to process, so much need to sort it all out and get back on track.
Everything always unfolds in perfect timing, and Mars’ ingress into the sign of the virgin, on September 5, is timely and providential, as it allows us to take calculated, scrupulous action in a world that finally starts to make a little more sense.
Drive, leadership and ardour meet resourcefulness, alertness and precision: Virgo is the meticulous organizer of the Zodiac, and its diligent accuracy hones and refines the burning impetus of the cosmic warrior.
Mars’ entrance in this practical, yet sharply analytical sign is a cosmic call to action; it will officially start a phase of patient reassessment and careful reconstruction of our life on the heels of the profound, disorienting transformations that altered our reality throughout the past weeks . Many things may never be the same again, post-eclipse; they can, however, become better than they ever were. Virgo is often associated with perfectionism, and Mars’ transit of this sign encourages us not to simply contemplate the mutated landscape that surrounds us, but, rather, to roll up our sleeves and start cleaning up our act – and our space.
Moving in the right direction, one foot after the other.
Getting rid of what is useless, toxic, draining, so that our bodies can again become vessels of divine inspiration.
Making the most of our skills, while making sure we avoid falling into the trap of Virgo’s shadow: nitpicking, caustic self-criticism, analysis paralysis, performance anxiety that leads to burnout. While Mars’ transit of Virgo is generally an industrious and productive time, we still can, and should, be gentle on ourselves. Take care of ourselves, even – Virgo rules health. Even the most grandiose goals can be broken down into bite size steps, and our physical, psychological and emotional integrity matters as much as our duties.
We might not have it together yet, but we will. 

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