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Mercury stations Direct, September 5, 2017 – Re-wired

Photograph from the 'Sand Creature' series, by Claire Droppert -
Photograph from the ‘Sand Creature’ series, by Claire Droppert –

Mercury‘s upcoming direct station, happening on September 5, at 28 degrees Leo, will unveil the most fascinating, esoteric facets of the energy of this planet: in resuming direct motion on the exact degree of August 2017’s Solar Eclipse, the scheming, crafty trickster transforms into the archetype of the messenger, the psychopomp, he who guides the Souls and delivers the messages from the Gods.
Just as there was hardly anything ordinary about Mercury’s Retrograde cycle itself (occuring in between the eclipses, beginning in a surreal opposition to Neptune, and generally happening during an especially intense, transformational month), its conclusion doesn’t merely restore the pace of life to normal and put the word ‘end’ to a phase of setbacks and delays centered around communication and technology. There is something fated, serendipitous, about Mercury reawakening from his slumber at the same degree that was lit up by the energies of the eclipse. Some pivotal message to be heard and integrated. The crux of whatever matter we’ve been grappling during the past weeks. A broader, essential truth to be finally acknowledged – which might look nothing like what we expect it to, and yet reconfirm what we always knew, deep down, all along.
I’d like to reflect on the meaning of the word serendipity for a moment, for it seems to illustrate the deepest meaning of Rx Mercury’s transition from cerebral, analytical Virgo to glorious, passionate Leo. This term, coined by Horace Walpole in 1754, describes the act of making an accidental discovery of things one is not in quest for. Actually one of my favourite words in the English language, serendipity is often explained as ‘finding valuable things by chance’, yet the layers of meaning are much more complex, nuanced and interesting – especially from the viewpoint of someone who is oriented towards a spiritual outlook on life, and seeks to align with the Universe through a mutual exchange of intents and energy.
In this sense, ‘serendipity’ is a perfect description of what happens when we allow intuition, faith and openness to reveal us the hidden, quiet opportunities concealed beyond the veil of day-to-day life, and remain pliable and adaptable enough to correct our course along the way. That’s how epiphanies (and, sometimes, miracles) happen.
During the current Rx cycle of Mercury, we transitioned from rational, logic-driven reassessments of goals, ideas, plans and solutions, to the awareness that the answer, the motivation, the sense of direction we were looking for were within us all along. What started out as an attempt to make sense of the world led us on a quest for the Self, the passion and zest for life that both us and the world desperately need. The New Moon in Leo, which urged us to blossom unapologetically, to embrace our realest, most honest self-expression and to follow our bliss even in the face of hardships and upheaval, was an integral part of this process, and such connection is confirmed by the activation of the same degree by the upcoming direct station.
There are virtually no limits to what a valiant heart and a resolute mind can accomplish. While Mercury’s direct station provides the clarity and transparence we need in order to implement the radical, revolutionary insights sparked during the Retrograde cycle, it’s up to us to muster the courage to live our truth and answer the call of the heart.
Mercury re-enters the sign of Virgo on September 10, and leaves the shadow zone on September 19.

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