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Mercury stations Retrograde in Sagittarius, December 3, 2017 – In Tongues

"Loose Threads", by Kyle Stewart.
“Loose Threads”, by Kyle Stewart.

I feel that the upcoming Retrograde cycle of Mercury is Saturn‘s way of bidding farewell to Sagittarius after two years of transit through the sign – like a cautionary reminder that a chapter of our life is coming to a close as a new era knocks at our door, and yet the way we move through this transition at the present time can affect us in the years to come.
Mercury Retrogrades are the chapter breaks in the main narrative of our lives: perfectly timed, they mark the self-correcting phases of the Universe, allowing us to make the necessary adjustments to whatever needs to be tweaked, fixed and revised before it’s too late. However, the upcoming Rx cycle of Mercury is not your average Mercury Retrograde, and it’s not just because it’s the last one for 2017. On December 3, at 29°18 of the sign of Sagittarius, the planet of speech, communication and intellect stands still in conjunction with none other than Saturn himself, barely two weeks before the taskmaster leaves the sign of the archer, never to be seen for the next thirty years, for his domicile Capricorn; this admonitory alignment imbues Mercury’s backspin with a thoughtful, sobering seriousness.
Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius urged us to shape our perception of the world through direct experience, to remodel our moral compass accordingly, to stop daydreaming and start putting in the necessary work to bring our loftiest visions down to Earth. The world is likely to look much different to us now than it did back in 2014, when Saturn was still diving through the murky waters of Scorpio – chances are, we are no longer the person we were back then, either. We changed, because our perspective changed. This is the time to take stock of all the learning that happened between then and now, to hold on to the wisdom we earned, while reminding ourselves that such wisdom will serve as a source of guidance to our future Self as as it makes its way through new unfamiliar terrain.
I’m not bringing up the “future Self” without a reason.
Retrogrades are usually associated with the past, and the need to review and process events and dynamics that led up to a certain point in time. Yet – as controversial as this might sound – I believe this retrograde cycle is also, very much, about the future. Our future. The future of our goals and dreams, after they have been altered and transformed by Saturn in Sagittarius’ reality check. The future we are forging through the fire of our inspiration, now harnessed through the knowledge and insight we gained throughout the past two years. The emerging vision of new possibilities. The new, exciting chapters awaiting to be written. Fiery Sagittarius, the restless centaur of the Zodiac, is famous for being enthusiastically future-oriented, after all.
Thus, while we reconsider our moral stance, our perspective, our opinions during this Mercury Rx cycle, we should overlook the big-picture framework (big picture thinking is definitely another one of Sagittarius’ strong suits), where the past meets the future in a circular domino-effect of cause and effect. Our beliefs guide our actions. Our feelings condition our decision-making. Our thoughts have the power to direct the state of flux that turns the wheel. The future is already contained within the past, and vice-versa.
Mercury stations direct on December 22, at 13° Sagittarius, two days after Saturn’s definitive adieu to the wide open spaces of the centaurs.

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