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Neptune stations Direct, November 22, 2017 – Tides

Painting by Alla Tsank -
Painting by Alla Tsank –

There is dreaming, and then there is lucid dreaming.
The difference between the former and the latter lies in the amount of control the dreamer is able to exert over the narrative and environment that is being experienced. In short, it’s all about presence and awareness.
The same reasoning could very much apply to Neptune, the elusive, oceanic lord of all that is sublime, dreamlike and transcendent, and to his retrograde cycles.
Neptune’s retrograde transit occurs yearly, lasting roughly 160 days per year. As it’s the case with all the other planets’ Rx cycles, while the god of the seas is moving backwards in apparent motion from our Earth viewpoint, we experience a palpable concentration and internalization of that planet’s energy and themes.
We are sensitized, our psychic space more permeable, our dreams more vivid and poignant than ever, engrossed in our inner worlds, yet hardly grounded in the tangible, palpable scenario we call ‘reality’. Common occurrences during a Neptune Rx cycle include wishful thinking, lapses of judgment, a stronger tendency towards projection, being more impressionable and easily swayed than usual, and blind to the red flags that we would otherwise notice at other times. It’s like a spell has been cast on us, one that heightens our perception of the realms within and beyond while dimming our common sense in the current 3d reality. A dream without lucidity that had us feeling sidetracked, gaslighted, out of sorts.
Around Neptune’s direct station, occuring on November 22, at 11°28 Pisces, we will slowly start to float back into the lucid dreaming consciousness of our day-to-day reality, once again aware of the illusory nature of everything that surrounds us, yet able to fully and completely partake in it without resorting to diversionary escapist detours. Rather, it’s time to give definite form and shape to the treasures we dredged from our depths – the insight, visions, and intuitions we have gleaned during this five-month period of inward delving – while purging the delusions that derail us.
We are being gently nudged towards clearer waters, out of the emotional and energetical stagnation that dominated this retrograde phase With Mars still in Libra and the upcoming Mercury Rx cycle right around the corner, this direct station is unlikely to be action-packed; however, it will most definitely mark a smooth, gentle shift in the right direction.

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  • Beautiful

  • Hello very nice post. I wanted to know if there was a reason as to why this neptune retrograde left many feeling more sensitive to the energies around them than usual?


  • Neptune turns direct !

  • Lovely & very true


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