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New Moon in Aries, April 16, 2018 – Storm before Calm

Art by Michelangelo Rossato -
Art by Michelangelo Rossato –

Baptism of fire

1. a soldier’s first experience of battle

2. any initiating ordeal or experience

3. Christianity: the penetration of the Holy Ghost into the human spirit to purify, consecrate, and strengthen it, as was believed to have occurred initially at Pentecost.

Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers

Enter the New Moon in Aries (26°02). This fiery detonation of a novilune will storm through the aether on April 16, at 1:57 AM UTC, taking no prisoners and no shit – a load of cosmic dynamite, set off by a square from none other than Pluto, the lord of the Underworld himself, and made even more volatile and unpredictable by the conjunction with rebellious Uranus.
The vibe is rampant, eruptive, confrontational. It aggressively shakes up our own inhibitions, and prejudices, blasting away the cobwebs of habit and attachments, pushing us to jumpstart new developments into life. No time to hesitate, no use in backing away. Not if emotional, spiritual and self-sufficiency is what we aspire to. Not if freedom from ingrained patterns, power struggles and fear is what we crave right now. Not if what we want the most is another chance at life.
I usually remind my readers that the start of every lunation marks the ideal time to pursue an emotional and spiritual reboot, but, with its reckless fervor, and its Uranian-Plutonian undertones, this New Moon is more than that. It’s a cleansing, purifying treshold, an invigorating initiation into self-leadership, a baptism in fire indeed.
An Aries New Moon is usually a time for resolute, empowering, audacious initiations: raw and eager like the new life that must fight and compete to ensure its own survival, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac for a reason; without its proactive, assertive push, there would be no separation from the source. No manifestation. No evolution. No existence. It’s this very same push that initiates us into a brand new phase of self-actualization, urging us to reclaim the Self, to fulfil our individual destinies and to do what it takes to overcome our inner and outer struggles. It’s a primal, visceral, self-centered pulse: Aries, the alpha-beast, comes first and wants to be first, no matter what.
Yet, as simple and straightforward Aries yearns to be, it sometimes has to make room for the more complex, hard to grasp meanders of the human psyche. As it’s the case with this New Moon, which also, uncoincidentally, ushers us into the Chiron in Aries era.
The looming presence of Pluto urges us to open a clear, productive avenue for our survival instincts, our unconscious fears, our need for transformation and resurrection – for these elements will be a powerful driving force that might trigger impulsive, aggressive reactions. We want to befriend the beast within, not to succumb to its hunger. Most importantly, we want to alchemize our fears. To turn them into the most unwavering courage. We want to do something valuable and empowering with our passion, our rage, our restlessness.
And that something might require us to go against the grain, as the conjunction with Uranus implies. Uranus, the electric, erratic, anarchic awakener, the wayward outsider. If we want to make the most of this novilune, we need to channel Uranus in our life – to rattle the cage of societal constructs, to defy the expectations others have placed on us, to refuse, to resist. Even though others might not recognize us, blinded by the nebulous inconsistence of the version of us they have envisioned in their minds and projected onto us. Even though we might not feel prepared to what follows.
Still, ready or not, this powerful, potentially disruptive New Moon is coming, announced by a sizzling, impelling build-up of momentum. Now more than ever, we need to remind ourselves of the blessings that await in the uncharted territory beyond our comfort zone, and tell ourselves that we’re braver, stronger, bolder and toughest than we think.
Because, the truth is, change is life’s only constant, and, perhaps, life’s greatest blessing as well. Either we initiate change, or change will initiate us.

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