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New Moon in Leo, July 23, 2017 – Naked and Warm

Artwork by A. Andrew Gonzalez -
Artwork by A. Andrew Gonzalez –

Becoming who we are destined to be is, more often than not, a tortuous, torturous journey, filled with heights, lows, pain, bliss, transformation. It’s a journey many choose to endure in order to give birth to themselves, yet many more prefer to ditch the dangers, defeats and hardships of this process, and remain in their own comfort zone.
It takes a sizable amount of energies, blood, tears, sweat and faith to blossom into someone we can truly be proud of. It takes even more courage to openly express our newfound confidence and self-worth in the face of a world that only encourages quirks and differences as long as they don’t pose a threat to the system. In spite of this, or because of this, we owe it to ourselves to shine like beacons of Life and courage in a morally and spiritually bankrupt society, so that we can attract more of the same.
More Love. More bliss. More acceptance. More Light.
Becoming who we are destined to be, and mustering the strength and dignity to live openly and unapologetically, often looks like a battle. Against ourselves, our past conditioning, our trauma, the status quo. Still, the real defeat is giving in to spiritual and emotional inertia, refusing to fight in the first place.
If all of the above sounds familiar to you, it’s because the themes outlined in my previous post about Mars’ entrance into Leo are being stressed, emphasized and enhanced by July 23’s Leo New Moon, arriving at 09:45 AM UTC (01°52’), in a hot-blooded conjunction with Mars himself.
Quoting from said post:

“Our inner fire needs to be fed, nurtured, revered – at times, revived, especially when all the injustice in the world, all the low vibrational realities we encounter, all the life-sucking entities we deal with, threaten to extinguish it.”

New Moons are cosmic doorways to fresh starts; they allow us to shed old skin, and break ground for new cycles. Not only this New Moon invites us to initiate an emotional reboot – she also encourages us to reset and restore our sense of Self, and kickstart a brand new, heart-centered cycle of joy, creativity and pleasure, holding out for our full value, and simultaneously withdrawing from anything that hold us in a “less than” position.
Through our struggles, our healing process, our Soul-seeking journey, we have earned the right to be recognized, considered, treated with due respect. We have fought to get where we are now. We fell, and got back up. We suffered, prayed and begged. We’ve experienced loneliness, alienation, disorientation. We’ve paid the price of polishing the raw substance of our Souls to turn it into a diamond.
This fiery, bold New Moon is infused with the same sense of raw potential, and propelled by Mars’ proactive, assertive impulse; sizzling with passion, fervor and heat, she hints at new beginnings geared towards gaining confidence and appreciation – from others, but, most importantly, from ourselves.
Because, in the end, this is our Life, our journey, our existence, and we are the ones who must have our own back and approval.
The martian flavor of this New Moon makes even more sense in the light of the fact that Leo will be booked by two New Moons this very year – this one, and August 21’s Solar Eclipse at 28 degrees. In the case of this first Leo New Moon, Mars represents the initial thrust that sets things in motion – the first surge of fiery energy that opens into this new cycle of self-love and self-expression. But what we are in the process of starting under this New Moon will continue well into August, and then require follow-up adjustments and updates or go through further developments over the course of the next month.
While this first New Moon serves as an unmistakable, vigorous prelude, the Leo New Moon / Eclipse is going to demand further commitment to ourselves, our Path, our happiness.
However, underestimating the importance of this first Leonine chapter would be a mistake. An out-of-sign square with Uranus at 28 degrees Aries suggests that the present moment is pivotal in helping us break with the remnants of tradition and conditioning that still keep us from reaching intellectual, emotional and spiritual emancipation. It’s a defining, necessary step that we’re required to take, but one that will largely reward us nonetheless. Growth and self-fulfillment are rarely found within the comfort zone, or in the shadow of someone else.

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  • Exactly what I have been feeling and gone through. Thank you for a well written piece the insights so so beautiful and poetic.

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