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New Moon in Libra, October 19, 2017 – New Seeds

Artwork by Jiwoon Pak -
Artwork by Jiwoon Pak –

Today’s New Moon, arriving at 7:12 PM UTC, falls at 26 degrees 35 minutes of Libra, the sign of the diplomat, the negotiator, the mediator, but also of the endless, graceful yet conflicted dance between opposites that sparks growth, births life, sets the Universe in motion.
New Moons are cosmic doorways to fresh starts; they allow us to shed old skin, and break ground for new cycles. Under a Libra New Moon, it’s the promise of a newfound harmony, both within ourselves and in our surroundings, that appeals the most to us. Bridging the gaps. Cherishing our allies, making peace with the Other around and within us.
And yet, with the New Moon occuring in opposition with cosmic agitator, Uranus, the path towards balance might be more twisted and tortuous than we expect, pushing us out of our comfort zone in ways that are difficult to predict, urging us to reconcile with ourselves through the radical encounter with an outlandish, undecipherable otherness.
There could be role reversals, dramatic reshufflings of relationship dynamics, changes of heart. This is not a time for attempts to control and define (which could tip any situation in the opposite direction than expected); rather, we’re being tasked with re-wiring, re-negotiating, taking a new path out of a circular, karmic loop of co-dependency, people-pleasing and projection. We’re being asked to brave the storm and allow the scales to swing wildly, before they come into balance – no matter how awkward or uncomfortable it might feel at first (and, with Chiron making a tense quincunx to this New Moon, we’re bound to dig down to our vulnerabilities and sense of inadequacy during the process).
We must be ready to challenge any notion, belief or situation that keeps us stuck and unfulfilled if we’re to attain the sense of fulfillment and inner peace we strive for. But in order to do so, we need to be shown the points of imbalance, the unhealthy attachments, the hot button issues that make our relationships less than satisfying – themes that will remain prominent throughout the next thirteen months, as Jupiter stirs the murky waters of Scorpio.
It’s an awkward, challenging new beginning, but growth rarely happens within the comfort zone – especially the kind of growth that comes from acknowedging, accepting and reclaiming the lost fragments of ourselves through others.

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