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New Moon in Pisces, March 17, 2018 – Breaking into Heaven

Painting by Rafał Olbiński.
Painting by Rafał Olbiński.

‘Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large — I contain multitudes.’ — Walt Whitman

In the formless ocean that is Pisces, all contrasts and dychotomies fade away into a blurry, holographic vision – an alluring, enveloping whole. Having passed through the experiences and impressions of the previous eleven archetypes, the last sign of the Zodiac is a multiform, liminal space where opposites can coexist, in an ouroboric continuity.  A lustruous, prismatic place where we can find that poison and cure, end and beginning, sanctity and blasphemy, pleasure and pain are, indeed, one and the same.
The New Moon arriving on March 17, at 1:12 PM UTC (6:12 AM PT, 9:12 AM EDT), falls at 26°53 of Pisces, within this elusive, nacreous realm of apparent contradictions. One that does not provide easy logical answers – not to our rational intellect. One that speaks in visions, colors, and waves of feeling.
For this reason, the New Moon does not ask us to discriminate, to differentiate, to analyze. Nor does she ask us to to strive towards an endgoal, to struggle, to be any different from who we are. This is a mystical, mantic New Moon that gathers visionary, irrational, divinely inspired thoughtforms and carries them into gestation – in mysterious ways.
Resistance is futile, and so is any attempt to scrutinize and rationalize what we are currently experiencing.
Sitting with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and trined by Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio, she gently invites us to retreat within ourselves, blend with our intuition, and unpack its manifold, nuanced layers. She asks us to find meaning and fulfillment in the uncanny, unusual places we might have forgotten. She asks us to listen to our pain, and realize that it holds the key to our healing.
Something is starting anew, with or without our volition. It’s enigmatic, perhaps puzzling, surely cryptic, and it’s connecting us to the past roots of our present existential stage. While there’s a sense that this new start fits in a greater design, that everything is connected, things might seem contradictory on the surface. But it doesn’t matter. Not now.
Under a New Moon in Pisces, to flow is the imperative. Riding the wave of inspiration, rather than questioning the direction, and trusting that everything will be clearer and intelligible, when the timing is right.
This New Moon is the ending that ushers in a new beginning, the suffering that cleanses us and heals us, the conflict that allows for peace (see the square from transiting Mars in Sagittarius), the darkness that elevates us towards the light. The present moment that is perfect as it is. She calls for our heartfelt, unconditional acceptance, for the stillness of our heart, and for our wordless understanding.
Once we see past the contrasts, the juxtapositions, the frictions, we will realize there is nowhere else we’re supposed to be right now.

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  • Wow. A beautiful vision of what’s happening, rendered with beautiful writing. Thank you.

  • your name – zodiacpoetry – couldnt suit you better. your capacity with the written word always astounds me.

  • I can only affirm the first two comments.. what a well-written, and lovely essay.. thank you


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