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New Moon in Scorpio, November 18, 2017 – Evocation

Image by Daria Hlazatova -
Image by Daria Hlazatova –

Humans didn’t invent recycling.  We are learning it from Nature herself.
Ecosystems are capable of complete recycling, meaning that waste material is reconstituted indefinitely; this process is known as “nutrient cycle“, a definition that describes the way nutrients continuously cycle through the ecosystem, moving into living organisms and being subsequently recycled back into the physical environment.
Everything that exists in its natural state is bound to endlessly converge, diverge and transform, shapeshifting, flowing through living things, being incorporated again and again into different biological forms.
This natural, ecological form of recycling is regulated to a large extent during the process of decomposition, the procedure by means of which the finite matter that occupies physical space in the biosphere is reprocessed. Life has no end- it simply outgrows every form.
As children of the Earth herself, we too are gifted with the power to create something new from decaying matter. The New Moon arriving on November 18, 2017, at 11:42 AM UTC, occurs at 26 degrees 19 minutes of Scorpio, the sign that encapsulates the beauty and agony of creation, destruction and renewal.
A New Moon in itself is an energetic doorway that allows us to break ground for new cycles from within, a time for spiritual and emotional reboot. This Scorpio New Moon comes with an commanding, uncompromising air of forcefulness, urging us to tap into our innate raw, alchemical power, asking us to take the lead that weighs us down and turn it into shimmering, glorious gold.
To finishing off the agonizing, soon-to-be corpses of our recent past, and create room for the new. Allowing the moribund, parasitic deadweights to die a graceful death. An energetical coup-de-grace, and, simultaneously, a resurrection for all the unworkable connections, the expired opportunities, the parasitic bonds, the soul-sucking obligations that smother our power and thwart the flow of our energy. A Soul-driven purification. An act of courage. A taste of immortality, for the ending we fear the most can become a gateway to new growth, radical self-renewal and unapologetic empowerment.
The patterns, cycles, relationships and duties which have run their course are now ripe for reinvention, ready to be broken down into simple matter and recycled back into our physical, energetical, emotional environment; we owe it to ourselves to turn all of it into something that is honestly, genuinely aligned with our vibration and our direction.
The radical, unapologetic grit of this New Moon merges with the vulnerability of Chiron in Pisces in an effortless, harmonious trine that gently points at our wounds, asking us to invite pain and fear into our conscious awareness, to deal with them, and heal with and through them.
The debilitating self-concepts, conditioned emotional responses and unhealthy programming stemming from past trauma and affecting our willingness to sever the ties of attachment are in dire need of being eliminated and regenerated as well. In absence of a threat, fear is nothing but a behavioural paradigm – a self-inflicted prison that kills off the phoenix within us.
In this sense, this New Moon can take us beyond fear, into the unseen core of power within ourselves, right towards the bliss of rebirth.

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