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New Moon in Virgo, September 20, 2017 – Little Victories

"The Fairy Of The Moon", by Hermann von Kaulbach (1846-1909).
“The Fairy Of The Moon”, by Hermann von Kaulbach (1846-1909).

There is no resurrection without reconstruction. No process of (re)birth without the meticulous miracle of embryogenesis. No evolution without improvement. No Spring rejuvenation without the diligent and careful process of harvesting and gathering Nature’s bounty, represented by Autumn.
We need to be prepared for the long winter nights before we experience efflorescence and renewal.
Virgo might be the sign of minutiae, but grandiose scenarios are often made out of tiny, nearly invisible details. The New Moon arriving on September 20, 2017, at 27 degrees and 27 minutes of Virgo, allows us to fill the holes in our big picture, so that we may bring it into form.
Those dreams and visions we entertain for our future require us to get down and real with ourselves. To identify what’s missing, flawed, holding us back. To tend to the areas of our life (likely suggested by the house of our chart that contains 27° Virgo) that need to be dissected, worked on, tweaked, fixed, before we can turn our sight towards the wider horizons that await us. Facing wounded healer Chiron in a bittersweet opposition, this New Moon reminds us that our weak spots, self-sabotaging tendencies and sense of inadequacy are in need of attention from us as well; they are meant to be seen, heard, acknowledged, gently taken care of, turned into strengths, rather than swept under the rug, invalidated by ourselves or others. Ignoring our flaws doesn’t make us perfect. Being in denial about the help we need doesn’t make us invincible. Pretending the holes in our Soul aren’t there doesn’t make us get wherever we need to be any faster.
We want to be ready to receive the blessings we deserve – not perfect, and especially not in denial. Readiness comes from knowing we are actually rolling up our sleeves and doing what we can, with what we have – because what we have, and who we are at the present time, are enough.
Seemingly simple acts like creating new habits that replace the old, outdated ones, decluttering, re-wiring our emotional and intellectual patterns, cleansing the Soul and the body, are little revolutions (notice how this New Moon is involved in a quincunx with subversive Uranus in Aries) that can shift the energies, remove stagnation, help us usher our long-term projects into physicality.
There might be a sense of frustrated urgency about breaking free (the Quincunx has a compulsory, visceral nature), but it’s not in Virgo’s nature to get carried away with fluctuating, impermanent states of mind, or evanescent mirages. Mercury, ruler of this New Moon, sits in opposition with Neptune in Pisces, while forming a trine to that powerful, uncompromising force that is Pluto. We need to remain aware of our strengths as well as of the unimportant distractions that might undermine our concrete efforts.
Doubts and delusions are as minuscule as the details we are perfecting, but way less powerful.

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  • Thank you for your insights. They are wonderful.

  • Interesting music selection. My Chiron in Pisces winced a bit! My Mars in Virgo feels ready to make small changes and rebuild a few sand castles. Neptune has been like Chinese water torture these past few years. Thanks for your insight.

    • Thank you, Meghan! As a major music nerd, I’m always, secretly flattered when people compliment my music taste. 😛

  • I have always looked for some force to nudge me ahead, as it is my life is full of unfinished potraits, but I want to thank you for the insights you have given me, good bless.

  • “Pretending the holes in our Soul aren’t there doesn’t make us get wherever we need to be any faster” Wow. What a wonderful insightful text.
    Well, the area of my life containing 27 Virgo is 4th House…Not to mention that my Venus is right there, almost to the minute (27.30!) … directly opposed my 27.40 Pisces Moon in 10 (with Chiron right on it, yes) …and somewhat square my 1st H Saturn on 1deg Cancer … ARGH. A lot of what I feel is missing in my case is self love, self esteem… any chance this moon might be a good thing on that front?? Any other thoughts on how to best handle this transit? Am I right to think this is a powerful one for me? Many thanks!


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