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North Node enters Leo, May 9, 2017 – Heart of Soul

"Cosmic Traveler", by Julie Dillon -
“Cosmic Traveler”, by Julie Dillon –

It all starts from the Heart. Our Heart.
The knowledge we can attain. The power to visualize what we aim to manifest. The unfeigned self-Love that spills over, and the Love we can give to the world, out of that overflow.  Honesty. Motivation. Wisdom. Being.
Our hearts alone can guide us home to ourselves. When we find our center, everything else vibrates in harmony. It’s a journey most of us are familiar with, but we might have lost our sense of direction.
The North Node’s ingress into the sign of Leo on May 9, is bound to help.
Together, the Nodes of the Moon constitute our spiritual compass – or, to put it in astrologer Willow’s words, our “soul-level GPS system”, an expression I’m really fond of. The fact that they’re not actual planetary bodies, but rather, the abstract points of intersection between the orbit of the Moon, and the apparent path of the Sun on the celestial sphere, doesn’t detract from the fact that they are powerful, influential significators of the evolutionary currents of the individuals (in the natal chart) and humanity as a whole (by transit).
The South Node represents the habits, patterns and tendencies we’re meant to release, and the past on which to build our future. The North Node is the endgoal, the finishing line on which we’re meant to set our eyes, the final destination, the qualities and energy we must embrace in order to move forward.
For the past year and a half (starting from November 2015), the Virgo North Node taught us about the importance of duty, common sense and productivity; we’ve learned how to accept service, humbleness and hard work as part of our everyday life, while releasing past tendencies towards escapism, avoidance and passive wishful thinking (symbolized by the Pisces South Node). We came to terms with the fact that the most sublime vision (Pisces) needs to be anchored down to Earth (Virgo), and manifested through simple, practical steps.
However, the North Node in Leo sings a different tune.
The Nodes are two ends of the same axis, which means that the South Node is always found in the sign that opposes the North Node; this means that, while the North Node will transit Leo, its opposite point, the South Node, will be in Aquarius. Until late 2018, the forward evolutionary flow of the overall purpose of mankind will take us from the cerebral connective tissue of Aquarius, to the pure, individualized, heart-based awareness of Zodiac royalty Leo.
Leo is the Sun, the Heart. Life-giving, radiant, indispensable. It’s the inner center of gravity that powers our existence, the sentient, self-aware consciousness that sustains our experience on Earth.
Over the course of the next 18 months, we will be embracing, developing self-awareness, creativity, self-empowerment, and self-love, under the guidance of the North Node’s transit of this proud, fixed, fiery sign. It will be a homecoming journey, a rediscovery of the unique gifts that enable us to offer a valuable contribution to society (Aquarius).
Opposite signs are not mutually exclusive. They belong to the same spectrum, and, as such, share many attributes that make them symmetrical to each other. Leo needs Aquarius, like Aquarius needs Leo; but, during this Nodal Transit, we’re especially focusing on the essential components of Leo energy that need to be integrated in the utopian, humanitarian vision held by the socially aware sign of the water-bearer if we’re to move forward and thrive as a specie.
The microcosm and the macrocosm are strictly intertwined. A balanced, enlightened collective starts with the individual self-awareness of its components. Our knowledge of the Self, our unique talents, our individual aspirations, our dreams are important, valid, worthy of being celebrated; our uniqueness is needed now more than ever in a system that aims to silence us and groom us into making predetermined choices, in order to make us easily manageable.
This brings us to the fact that while we embrace the noblest attributes of Leo energy, we’re simultaneously called to release the lower expressions of Aquarius.
The water bearer’s focus on collective intelligence can often cross into mindless groupthink, and eradication of all critical evaluation in favor of a forced conformity to a collective standard. Aquarius can also become the “rebel without a cause”, often obsessed with defining himself in opposition to the status quo for the sake of it, thus becoming even more dependent on the latter, and losing all sense of individuality in the process.
Aquarius needs Leo.
Just like the Universe as a whole needs us as individualized, personified fragments of consciousness, the future vision of a fair, upright community needs the contribution of happy, self-fulfilled individuals who make the most of their strengths. A diverse, well-knit collective needs people who are allowed to cultivate their inner microcosm, and bring their idiosyncratic skills to the table.
This is the mission signified by the Leo North Node – rediscovering what makes you, you. Honouring the Heart. Manifesting joy. Thriving. Loving. Living.
If you were waiting for the Green Light – this is it. The North Node’s entrance into Leo is giving us permission to shine. The Universe knows we owe it to ourselves as much as to our fellow creatures.

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  • you convey an incredible grasp of this science, art, and language. i am consistently impressed with the high calibre of your articles. i only wish there were more. i could never tire of reading your thoughtfully articulated insights. thank you!

  • what else do you study? how are you so enlightened? 🙇

    • Dearest elisa,
      far from enlightened – believe me 🙂 Still trying to figure out this “being human” thing. Thank you so much ♥
      As for the “what else do you study” part… Cultural Anthropology (my background), world religions, foreign languages (sanskrit, farsi), Tarot, witchcraft, I’ve studied sound engineering for two years, heck I have Jupiter in Gemini, I’d pretty much study everything if I had the time and money 😀

  • Thank you, I really appreciate your posts, your writing style, your insight. Merci XO

  • Beautiful….think we could all use this breath of fresh air.

    • I think so, Ina. We’re in dire need of manifesting more Leo energy in our lives — more joy, more Light, more Love, more enthusiasm, more creativity, more passion… I really can’t wait.

  • What a wonderful article!

    In my birth chart, I have North Node Leo 7th house. I’m hoping after 8 years of being single my better half will finally reveal himself…..🤞🏾.

    Thank you!

  • My natal North Node is in Leo, 5th house. So, would I look up North Node return as well? Thanks! Or nodal return? How often does a nodal return happen? Are they rare, powerful, etc., thanks!!!


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