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Full Moon in Leo, February 3rd, 2015 – In the Court of the Crimson King

Detail of the artwork for progressive rock band King Crimson’s debut album, “In the Court of the Crimson King”, October 1969.

The next Full Moon occurs at 14°48 Leo on February the 3rd, 2015, at 11:09 PM GMT – earlier in the afternoon in the USA, and shortly after midnight on February the 4th in most parts of Europe.
Full Moons mark strong energetical peaks which shine a powerful Light on whatever is coming full-circle in our lives, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of the five senses; under a Full Moon in showy, larger-than-Life Leo, all of this will hardly go unnoticed.
Ruled by the Sun, principle of consciousness, and lording over the physical heart of the body, fire sign Leo is associated with the Self, with Ego, and self-expression. The basic channel for self-expression in Leo is creativity, either from a biological or artistic viewpoint: Leo rules children, but also performance art, acting and dance. Wherever Leo is, there’s always a stage waiting for self-actualization to be acted out. Leo energy is bold and confident: all that comes to its culmination under this Full Moon, will do so with the emphasis and the over-the-top attitude this Fire sign is known for.

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Astroadvice – Feeling Smart Enough

“The Vitruvian Man”, a.k.a. “Le Proporzioni del Corpo Umano secondo Vitruvio”, drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, 1490 ca.

“I am about to experience my first Saturn Return in about a year I think. What should I expect in the next coming years? Currently, I am in a relationship. We have been together for a year and it has been really difficult. I just recently graduated with a BA in history. I am applying to four different graduate schools that are a long distance from where I live now. I want to study political science in graduate school, but I am terrified that I am not going to do very well in school, because I have a history of being mediocre when it comes to my studies. Unless it is something I am passionate about, then I do very well. I have struggled with not feeling smart enough my whole life. When I was a child I was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, and I was in remedial classes. People tell me I am smart and am a good writer, but I can’t believe it for myself. I’m just wondering what’s going to happen as far as school goes and my relationship with my boyfriend in this next Saturn transit. Thank you and best wishes!”
Richelle S.

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Venus in Pisces, January 27th, 2015 – Fade into You

Daniele Buetti 2006
Artwork by Daniele Buetti (2006) –

After journeying through cold and quirky Aquarius, planet of Art, Love and interpersonal relationships Venus begins her 24 days in Pisces on January 27, until February 20, smoothing out the crackling Uranian vibes of the past few weeks.  Watery Pisces, last sign of the Zodiac, is the realm of Venus’ exaltation, which means that the imaginative, soft-hearted nature of the sign serves as an efficient channel for the planet’s purpose and aesthetics.
Pisces is the sign of cosmic consciousness and transcendence, ruled by the Great Cosmic Dissolver, Neptune. When Venus drowns in this ocean of spirituality and compassion, Love simply flows. Boundless and achingly sensitive, Pisces attunes Venus to subtle vibrations, imbuing her grace with the awareness of the extramundane qualities of Love. Pisces Venus is in touch with realms beyond reality; its contours are blurred, her expression is centered in feelings, perception, intuition. Under this transit, we might feel more in tune with the gentle and idealistic side of our Love nature.

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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, January 21st, 2015 – Lost Message

“Lure”, by Samantha Keely Smith –

The first Mercury Retrograde of the New Year is upon us. Mercury, planet of communication, speech, mind and intellect, has been in the shadow zone since January 11th, and will station retrograde at 17° Aquarius starting from January the 21st. You are probably familiar with the usual statements about communications of all kinds going awry during this transit, and with the average recommendations of wrapping up shopping and contract signing before it starts, but is there a way we can move forward as Mercury dials back, not getting carried away with alarmism?
I think so.

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Astroadvice – When success eludes you
“Grande Slancio”, from the “Extramoenia” serie; installation by Matteo Pugliese –

“I have tried so many different work situations — cafe barista, secretary, teacher, nurse. I always want to come back to the arts but I never seem to have any sustained success. The last year has been hell-like with unemployment and the decision to give up nursing and get an art related job but as usual as the administrative assistant. I want to be a painter and have had some little success but I find myself wanting to be wildly successful and just don’t really know if I have the temperament of a go-getter.”

Dear Lee,
with three planets (Moon, Jupiter and Saturn) straddling your Capricorn midheaven, it’s easy to see how achieving success is a theme for you. They form a powerful conjunction to this career-related cusp, meaning that you’re emotionally concerned (Moon), serious (Saturn) and enthusiastic (Jupiter) about your achievements. However, there is one force that stands in the way of expressing this energy, and it’s represented by your Venus.