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Pluto stations Retrograde, April 20, 2017 – Comfort in(n) Ending

Photo by Franz Fiedler (1885 - 1956).
Photo by Franz Fiedler (1885 – 1956).

Every time Pluto begins his annual Rx cycle, a final goodbye is said.
The Retrograde frame of Pluto, the slowest planet of our system (yes, Astrologers still consider it a planet), roughly amounts to 165 days per year – hardly an extraordinary occurrence. However, we would be mistaken in assuming that this makes Pluto’s retrogrades any less relevant than those of the so-called inner planets, even though we might not even register them consciously. Pluto, the Lord of our personal and collective underworld, is a master at working behind the scenes, even more so when he is backtracking his way through the scrupulous, calculating sign of Capricorn (the sign he has been transiting since 2008); through his slow but inexorable, unrelenting ways, Pluto  ensures that the decaying remains of our past are eroded and composted, in order to allow new life to flourish; a paramount, sophisticated task that tends to require multiple stages, as Nature itself teaches us. A Plutonian retrogradation coincides with an intensification and radicalization of this very process, which facilitates the breaking down of the unnecessary elements that restrain our growth.
We all still bear attachments to people, situations and scenarios that have outgrown their purpose and that, in spite of our compulsive attempts to cling onto them, are merely energy sinks that drain us of our motivation and resources. With Pluto stationing retrograde on April 20, at 19°24 Capricorn, it’s time to bid them all farewell, possibly allowing them to die a natural death and resurrect in a new form.
There is, really, no way to handle this process other than comply and loosen our grip. The highly introspective atmosphere fostered by Pluto facilitates the surfacing of insights and realizations, bringing us face to face with truths we previously deemed too ugly or unacceptable to acknowledge, and that we will find increasingly hard to ignore. This is bound to alter our perspective, dramatically – the detrimental relationships, jobs, friendships and contexts that seemed so essential to our survival aren’t going to seem so appealing and indispensable after reality is brought to light. Not only we’ll find that we can survive without them – we’ll also discover that the untapped survival resources inside us are far more powerful and effective.
Pluto turns direct on September 29, 2017, at 16°51 Capricorn.

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  • do you offer personal natal/transit readings?

    • Hi Elisa – I can look at transits in a reading if someone asks me to; specific natal placements/aspects can also be discussed. A complete overview of the natal chart can be obtained through a report.

  • so many retrogrades these last months. And it’s my birthday!!!! YIKES! But I’ve been doing good inner work so hey.

  • 40th bday coming up 29th of april..
    So much i read into your messages..thank you, thank thank you 🙂
    I pray i have the strength 1day to get the $ together to get a full reading through you.
    In da mean time… Thank You SO Much for your personal insinghts & for sharing it all wkth us!
    Andria @Bombo, nsw, australia!

    • Andria,
      the fact that you’re here already means a lot to me! I perfectly know what it feels like to not be able to afford something you’d like/need, since I wasn’t born into wealth. I definitely wish for your situation to improve, and welcome you on this blog anytime <3


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