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Pluto stations Retrograde, April 22, 2018 – The Fragrancy of Soil Unearthed

Painting by Markus Schinwald -
Painting by Markus Schinwald –

Pluto is far more merciful than we give him credit for.
He compassionately executes what is no longer capable of surviving. He decimates what is rotting away and poisoning our wells. He delivers us from the etherical cords that keep us bound. He dredges us up from the murky swamp of pain, guilt, regret, attachment.
It’s a drawn out, laborious process, one that sometimes passes us by without us even noticing, and, other times, awakens the deepest of our fears from their age-old slumber. It’s a difficult job, but somebody’s got to do it.
Through his slow but inexorable, unrelenting ways, Pluto  ensures that the decaying remains of our past are eroded and composted, in order to allow new life to flourish; a paramount, sophisticated task that tends to require multiple stages, as Nature itself teaches us.
A Plutonian retrogradation thus coincides with an intensification and radicalization of this very process, which facilitates the breaking down of the unnecessary elements that restrain our growth.
Today’s Pluto retrograde station, happening at 21°17 Capricorn, is the first syllabe of a last goodbye. Over the course of the next six months, whatever has outgrown its purpose will be allowed to die a natural death, perhaps resurrecting in a new form – especially for those of us whose natal planets, angles or nodes are being directly contacted by Pluto via transit.
The key to easily navigate this beautiful, cleansing, transformative journey is to give up resistance.
We cannot arrest the decay of what is no longer meant to be. We cannot interfere with the natural course of things. We can only prolong our suffering, cement our attachment, delay our healing.
Or we can participate in change, ride its waves, accept to be pushed in its direction.

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  • I have sun in aries at 18 degrees.. feeling it. Total transformation of self. Thank you Pluto. Intense but necessary. Great article.

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