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Pluto stations Direct, September 29, 2017 – Resplendent Grotesque

"Healer", by Heather McLean -
“Healer”, by Heather McLean –

Not everything that surrounds Pluto is sexy, glamorous, intriguing.
While sex, jealousy and transformation are some important facets of this planetary archetype, the association between Pluto and taboo is deep and complex, and it leads us straight into an underworld that hosts the least acceptable, least pleasant aspects of human experience.
The Plutonian kingdom is as exciting and seducing as it’s morbid and gruesome. The human urge to experience pleasure and Soul-level fulfillment through coitus coexists with the awareness of the impermanence of all worldly things, and of the mortality of our bodily vessels. In Pluto’s realm, sex and decay are not mutually exclusive; they are sides of the same coin. They are also more than “just” spritual experiences, as the Plutonian experience of both things involves the physical, factual encounter with flesh, fluids, organic processes – the roughest, most unrefined, primal elements of our physical dimension in all their coarse, innate realness. Pluto doesn’t spare us the graphic details, the grotesque features, the grim, hideous particulars. They are what sex, death and renewal are made of – especially the latter.
Nature offers us a prime example of this – and if you’re not prepared to get into the macabre nitty-gritty of the subject, you might want to look elsewhere.
Scavenger and decomposer animals don’t get quite enough credit for the part they play in mantaining a healthy, thriving ecosystem. The role of the scavenger is to feed on dead animal and plant material present in its habitat, thus keeping the decaying matter from spreading disease, while breaking down the dead biomass and recycling it as nutrients.
Believe it or not, decomposers, maggots in particular, are still being employed in the medical field, for the purpose of treating difficult wounds. An ancient practice actually originating from Maya Native Americans and Aboriginal groups in Australia, maggot debridement therapy (MDT), as it’s nowadays called, is thought of as an effective treatment for wounds that take too long to heal:

Observations have indicated that maggots have the ability to debride wound beds, provide anti-microbial activity and also stimulate wound healing in diabetic patients.  […] Maggots are able to debride diabetic wounds and stimulate wound healing.  ” [source:  Maggot Debridement Therapy in the Treatment of Complex Diabetic Wounds by Michelle L Marineau, PhD, APRN, Mark T Herrington, APRN, Karen M Swenor, APRN, and Lawrence J Eron, MD, FACP, FIDSA]

In cleansing us, and delivering us from the “dead biomass” that pesters our lives, Pluto acts very much like a cosmic scavenger. The planet’s alternance between direct and retrograde phases, albeit in a slow and tortuous fashion, orchestrates the sluggish pace of a bone-deep transformation that leads us from obsessive survival mode (retrograde station) to extrication and empowerment (direct station).
Around April 20, when the last retrograde station of Pluto occured, we were being challenged to clear away the decaying matter, represented by non-essential energy investments that were robbing us of our personal power – the dead, rotting flesh attached to our wounds. The toxic, parasitic dynamics, people or situations that outlived their purpose, and started freely feeding on our emotional, psychological, perhaps even material resources.
The retrogade station of Pluto helped us process the loss, welcoming the void it created, staring into it. We have watched those outdated, rotten structures break down and decompose. We have sensed their foul smell as they were rotting away.
By the time Pluto turns direct on September 29, the cycle of disintegration will meet its end, demanding us to turn the putrescent remains into nutrients for our heart, mind and Soul. To recycle our experiences and turn them into lessons. To test our insight in the outside world.
Most importantly, to retrieve our energy, and harness it into making significant changes in our life. At times, it’s necessary to go through a few deaths before we can fully thrive and prosper.

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  • I have felt this process so keenly it’s like you wrote this piece especially for me. Here’s hoping the “extrication and extraction” you mention are worth it.

  • Sorry, “extrication and empowerment”…lol

    • The sale of my family home closes on the 30th and all of my debts will be paid off. My ex wife and I are working on seperation documents and we are both entering a new realm of freedom and letting go. After 20 years of being together we have decided it is best for us to start again, seperated yet still dedicated parents of our two children. Your words here are so fitting for this time. Thank you.

  • This is one of your all time beautiful and unique pieces. Of course, with Pluto in the first house natally I always feel a very personal connection to Pluto themes and imagery. Still, I read all of your pieces and this one was especially well written. Thank you.

  • I haven’t been here a long time, and I must say – you’re becoming an even better writer, Æterna. Cheers to you for that one!

    When all this is said, Pluto’s station direct was the EXACT date my work place had the 5th (and hopefully last – this year) layoff round… 45 people were fired, it’s a large global company, perfect for that Pluto in Cap feeling… and my department were forced to cut off 5 people.
    We have been jostled and bustled throughout summer, with 3 rounds in the 4 months I’ve been employed here, so I went rogue, dressing up in my favorite Plutonian fashion: Black lace and tight skirts, black boots.
    Yeah baby, if I’m going down, let’s go down in a blaze of fire and smoke!!!

    I wasn’t fired though.
    But the feeling from this article was certainly present at the company when we all sat there, by our desks, waiting for that fateful mail to hit our inbox. My boss was fired, and my co-worker as well, leaving only 2 people in the wake of the slaughter. Dead and decay – gone! Whoosh! Five peoples’ lives totally changed. My boss was ready and also relieved, she been under enormous pressure ever since our departments had been fusioned. So … what I want to say with this… Pluto is transitting my 12th house and Jupiter my 8th house. Jupiter is hitting my Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 28 degrees these days, so I guess it’s like “No pain, no gain!”
    And growing pains are not fun – but they are nessecary.

    So, shaky and stirred – here’s to Pluto and his Axe of Death 😉

    • Anette – such a joy to see you here again! And I see you are still braving the storm of your transits with grace and resilience. Cheers to YOU! ♥


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