I use the information available in a chart to shine a light on the invisible patterns and dynamics behind human experience. You can expect empathy, depth of analysis and a non-judgmental attitude on my behalf. My goal is to provide clarity and useful information you can successfully apply to your life and path of evolution.
Some of the topics I’m available to discuss are: sexuality, intimacy, emotions, life transitions, phobias, creativity, communication issues, identity, early childhood issues, memories.
As a survivor of childhood trauma/suicide attempts/eating disorders, and recovering self-harmer, I can offer my unique perspective on these sensitive subjects for you or a loved one. Know, however, that a consultation with me can’t replace actual therapy and treatment and needs not to be taken as such.

Disclaimer – what I CAN’T help you with:
– predicting the timing of a precise event: I am not a fortune teller. I can outline major themes and opportunities for a certain time frame, but the way energies manifest in real life is subjected to a number of variables on which I have no control whatsoever.
– Knowing exactly what another person is thinking, or going to do. Though I can explain the kind of challenges and developmental phases a person is going through at a given time, I am not a psychic, and I must honour and respect people’s free will.
– Legal, medical and financial issues.
– Past lives (not because I don’t believe in them, but because accessing that kind of information via the birth chart is not a skill I possess, sorry).
– Severe mental conditions (i.e. situations of emergency where immediate action is required). I am not a licensed therapist, and a reading from me can’t be a replacement for therapy or treatment.
– Rectifying charts.
– Avoiding responsibility. I can lay out the options for you and provide advice and clarity, but by no means I can make choices on your behalf. You are in control of your life.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASING A READING, AND MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY – ignoring the requirements might result in me refunding your order and both of us generally wasting time. 

Readings must be paid in advance, via PayPal, using the buttons below.
You can choose between a two-way conversational reading via e-mail, or receiving your reading as a .mp3 recording that doesn’t involve your participation (Skype consultations will be available soon).
For both options, there is also the possibility to add a Tarot card reading (I draw a Tarot card, and discuss its connection to the issue we’re examining).
After purchasing your reading, please send me an e-mail in which you specify your preferred reading method (e-mail or audio file) and provide your complete birth data: day, month and year (please write your birth date out in full), time of birth, place of birth (town and state). Make sure the birth time is known, otherwise it’s not possible for me to perform the reading since I don’t rectify charts.
Don’t forget to outline the concerns you would like me to tackle in the reading, and to express your goals and expectations, so that I’m able to work with what’s most relevant to you. If you want to discuss relationship issues, please make sure you provide both people’s complete birth data.
Also, it would be helpful for me to know about your level of familiarity with Astrology, so I can adapt my language accordingly.
PLEASE be more specific as possible, so that I don’t have to use up significant percentage of our session time guessing the details and asking you for confirmation!

You can chose between a 30-min reading or a 60-min reading. Whether it’s e-mail or mp3 recording, you’re not charged for preparation; time is only tracked when I’m recording the file or typing the actual e-mail. If we’re doing the e-mail reading, we’ll e-mail back and forth until we reach the selected timing. You’re encouraged to submit requests for clarification, but following up beyond simple clarification requires additional session time.

I will send you an acknowledgment e-mail right away, but please allow an average of two weeks to receive your actual reading (I might occasionally need a few more days, or a third whole week, if I’m booked solid/busy with life, but you’ll always be informed should this be the case). I use Placidus as house system, but I can use a different one by request.

If I determine I’m unable to provide you with an effective reading, for any reason, I will refund the payment.

I look forward to working with you!


30-minute session
[e-mail or recorded audio]

30-minute session + Tarot Card
[e-mail or recorded audio]
50 €


60-minute session
[e-mail or recorded audio]



60-minute session + Tarot Card
[e-mail or recorded audio]

If you’d rather discuss your issue through the medium of Tarot, we can work with the cards. 

For this type of reading, I don’t require your birth data, even though I would very much appreciate receiving a picture of your face so that I can “connect” with your energy.
Please note: by purchasing this reading, you are NOT purchasing session time. The price of the reading is based on the amount of cards I draw. You’re welcome to ask follow-up questions, of course, but only to obtain clarification about what has been already said.
For my readings, I use my Rider-Waite Tarot deck.
Again, readings must be paid in advance, using the PayPal buttons shown below. Once you have picked your option and sent the payment, you can send me an e-mail with your question and (if you feel comfortable doing so) a picture.
Tarot readings usually take less time to be completed, compared to Astrology readings (think 3-5 days – you will be informed about the timing right away upon e-mailing me with your question).

1-question TAROT reading – 1 card
[e-mail or recorded audio; picture included]
10 €

1-question TAROT reading – 3 cards
[e-mail or recorded audio; picture included]
15 €

In-depth TAROT reading – Celtic Cross spread
25 €
[e-mail or recorded audio; picture included]

If you want to make sure my style and approach suit you, or if you have any other kind of question you’d rather ask before buying, feel free to shoot me a mail.