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Saturn enters Capricorn, December 20, 2017 – Colossus

"Signum Advenit", by Liv Rainey-Smith -
“Signum Advenit”, by Liv Rainey-Smith –

There is a number of sayings that equate the formation of diamonds within the litospheric mantle of the Earth to our resilience in the face of hardships and adversity (“pressure makes diamonds”, and countless variations on the same theme).
Diamonds are, in many ways, unique and impressive. Diamond is the hardest known material, with the highest melting point, the highest refractive index (an indicator of brilliance), the most dense atomical configuration.  The word “diamond” itself comes from the ancient Greek ἀδάμας [adámas], which translates to “unbreakable”. 
It’s no wonder that diamond has acquired a dinstinct symbolical aura throughout the ages – from Vajrayāna, the esoteric Buddhist current of the “diamond vehicle”, to the Chinese Diamond Sūtra, on to the twentieth century marketing-fueled introduction as an engagement ring staple to symbolize faithfulness and everlasting love.
Yet, the features that make this mineral so unique in our eyes, such as otherworldly effulgence and incorruptible hardness, are the result of a slow, harrowing process that takes place in the very depths of the Earth, far away from the light.
The complex patterns shown by raw diamonds suggest that they grow gradually, and they do so at about 100 miles below the surface, in the upper mantle of the Earth, where both scorching heat and crushing pressure would be lethal for any surface-dweller. In admiring the diamond’s radiance and praising its durability, we’re often oblivious to the conditions that produced them.
In the absence of such unforgiving, critical temperature-pressure environment, the atom carbons that compose the mineral cannot to properly bond and aggregate, thus failing to crystallize into the durable, unyielding material that has been regarded throughout the centuries as a symbol of purity and strength.
Astrologically speaking, none other than Saturn could better describe and encompass this stoic, excruciating process of hardening and coalescence through pressure and constraint. Saturn, the prince of the three-dimensional realm we call reality. Saturn, the planet of hard work, discipline and perseverance. Krónos, the inflexible, sickle-wielding titan whose mind was described as “pure” and “unblemished” by philosopher Plato, and who was said to lord over time and seasonal cycles. The planet whose first return to its natal position is an universal marker for the definitive transition into adulthood. Saturn, the cosmic mold through which all formless substance sets into a clear-cut, unmistakeable shape. Saturn is, simultaneously, the lesson and the teacher. The failure that builds towards success. Saturn binds us, tests us, forges us, strengthens us. Saturn shows us how to turn those elusive, airy dreams into sturdy, long-lasting reality. We can, at times, grow to loathe Saturn, but we could never do without him.
Saturn finds his astrological Soulmate in the austere sign of Capricorn, the planet’s domicile. To anyone who ever dipped their toe into Astrology, “Capricorn” is synonymous with ambition and control, keywords that are somewhat successful in describing the core values of this sign. The two are about to reunite for a relentless, tenacious affair that will last for nearly three years: after spending the past two years in buoyant Sagittarius, the ringed planet will make his triumphal entrance into the sign of the goat on December 20, 2017, for the first time since 1991, and wrap up his transit of the sign on December 16, 2020.
Together, Saturn and Capricorn are like heat and pressure: they create a critical environment in which the raw matter hidden in the deepest and darkest recesses of our Soul can harden and coalesce into something remarkable – not before being forged through time, tension and incandescence.
Saturn’s uncompromising strictness is endorsed, supported and amplified by the stern sombreness of Capricorn. Collectively and generally speaking, their union is bound to enforce rules and boundaries, clarify and stabilize power dynamics, expose structural flaws and cracks in the foundations. On an individual level, the need to embrace responsibility and rise up to our own standards will become especially urgent and undeniable. Onwards and upwards is where the current leads us at this time. Inertia and stagnation are not permitted under Saturn’s steadfast, zealous domain.
There will be no shortage of pressure, for no one. Pressure to level up. Pressure to do the right thing. Pressure to become the person we want to be around. Pressure to fulfill our vision. I’m not necessarily talking about peer pressure or systemic pressure – although these factors might have a place in the grand scheme of things, on a societal level. The Saturnine pressure is, first and foremost, the pressure induced from within by our inner authority, the core of wisdom that resides in each one of us, our moral compass – our Super-Ego, if you will. Living in accord with our principles, and acting from a place of integrity, will be an essential requirement over the course of the next three years. Saturn doesn’t play or settle, and, if we are to progress towards bigger and better things, neither should we.
Just like the goat scrabbling up the mountain, towards the top, we too are called to conquer our personal peak. To take the raw potential in our hands, tweak it and polish it until it floods our life with a blinding light that can be seen from afar. Whether it’s a career that makes us proud of who we are, becoming the partner we wish to attract, turning our passions into a full-time job, kicking an addiction, conquering our independence, Saturn in Capricorn asks us to show up for our most meaningful goals and trudge forward towards them, no matter how small the beginnings or the odds in our favour. No matter how long it takes.
Our time to shine has never been closer. We just need to accept what it takes to get there – courage, dedication, patience, knowledge of the rules, acceptance of our duties.

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  • Thank you for this, definitely a hopeful perspective <3 I read somewhere else that Saturn wants us to make friends with ourselves, I think thats a similar theme.
    I'm actually looking forward to Saturn coming home!
    I wrote a piece inc. graphite (a close relative of diamond), you might like to read it:


  • I am entering my 2nd Saturn return and I can already feel to push. Saturn does not play, he shoves. I have been preparing for this for this time.


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