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Saturn stations Retrograde, April 18, 2018 – Lessons

Image by Desirée Dolron -
Image by Desirée Dolron –

The upcoming Retrograde cycle of Saturn, starting on April 18, 2018 (9°08 Capricorn), is, among other things, our first chance to pause and take stock of the general themes and lessons of the Saturn in Capricorn era, one that has already managed to put a sizable amount of pressure on our shoulders in barely four months.
Saturn, the taskmaster, the authoritarian among planets, is home in the stern, inflexible sign of Capricorn. There is, therefore, a quintessential purity about this transit.
This is how I described its significance in my Saturn in Capricorn post:

“… Saturn is, simultaneously, the lesson and the teacher. The failure that builds towards success. Saturn binds us, tests us, forges us, strengthens us. Saturn shows us how to turn those elusive, airy dreams into sturdy, long-lasting reality. We can, at times, grow to loathe Saturn, but we could never do without him.
Saturn finds his astrological Soulmate in the austere sign of Capricorn, the planet’s domicile. To anyone who ever dipped their toe into Astrology, “Capricorn” is synonymous with ambition and control, keywords that are somewhat successful in describing the core values of this sign.
Together, Saturn and Capricorn are like heat and pressure: they create a critical environment in which the raw matter hidden in the deepest and darkest recesses of our Soul can harden and coalesce into something remarkable – not before being forged through time, tension and incandescence.
Saturn’s uncompromising strictness is endorsed, supported and amplified by the stern sombreness of Capricorn. Collectively and generally speaking, their union is bound to enforce rules and boundaries, clarify and stabilize power dynamics, expose structural flaws and cracks in the foundations. On an individual level, the need to embrace responsibility and rise up to our own standards will become especially urgent and undeniable. Onwards and upwards is where the current leads us at this time. Inertia and stagnation are not permitted under Saturn’s steadfast, zealous domain.
There will be no shortage of pressure, for no one. Pressure to level up. Pressure to do the right thing. Pressure to become the person we want to be around. Pressure to fulfill our vision. […]”

We’ve had our first taste of this uncompromising, relentless quest for moral integrity and existential fulfillment. We’ve been tirelessly climbing our personal mountain, taming our inner demons and focusing our energies. We’ve been finding our moral compass, channelling our Super Ego, striving for greatness.
For those of us who already had it, this may or may not feel like the first Saturn Return all over again.
And yet, Saturn (especially Saturn in Capricorn) is also a seasoned planner, who understands the value of a strategic break.
Re-tooling, re-grouping, and reviewing will be keywords until September 6, 2018, when the harbinger of reward and retribution will resume direct motion.
Until then, our homework is to pause, reconsider the commitments and obligations that are already in place, get used to them, and set our eyes on what’s coming after.
Saturn eases his grip on us, allowing us more room to breathe and re-negotiate – but his vigilant gaze will not stray from us. He wants to make sure we ace our Capricorn lessons over the course of the next two years, and we’ve barely started to scratch the surface – or to see the top of the mountain.

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  • I watched RUSH live in 1980. Great show. Awesome Band. Thanks for a trip down memory lane 🙂

  • For a Gemini… this is a depressing outlook… re this, re that.. when can we get something serious going again.. it seems like I’ve been in wait for ever…. no outside help, no allies, no goals, nothing even to hope for.. all is obscured, like a rainy day in the foggy bottoms that goes on forever despite my best attempts to break loose… it is enough to bring one to tears..

  • Beautifully described and it will definitely give insight to people. Retrograde Saturn gives one chance to the person to rectify his mistakes, If he does then its good for him as Saturn is called the the lord of karma will give its result surely, be it good if you did good or bad if you did some thing bad.

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