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Saturn Retrograde, March 2015 – The Final Cut

“Sisyphus”, by Franz von Stuck, 1920.

Saturn has annual retrogrades that last about 4 ½ months, but the next one is going to be especially significant. The ringed planet has barely entered Sagittarius three months ago, but as it slows down to station retrograde, it prepares for a dart back into Scorpio, the sign where it transited from 2012 to last December.
Back then, Saturn in Scorpio had us looking intimately at our shadow, our demons, our fears. Saturn is the principle of Structure, and the underworld of Scorpio is located beyond the threshold of our subconscious, where all that is too shocking, disturbing and just plain uncomfortable for our conscious mind is exiled. Saturn asked us to venture in that unwelcoming territory to dissect our inner darkness, bringing the deep-rooted patterns that controlled our lives, to Light. The Epilogue to this brave journey is yet to be written, and Saturn is dialing back to Scorpio once more to help us weed out the root of the darkness in our lives for good.
It all starts on March 14, with Saturn stationing Rx at 4 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn will then dial back into Scorpio on June 14th, and turn direct 28 degrees into the sign on August the 2nd. The squeeze is on us all Summer long: the above described process is likely to cause us intense feelings of demoralization, as we review the events that were unfolding back when Saturn transited the final degrees of Scorpio during December, 2014. It might feel like being pulled back into that same territory, with all the frustration this implies. It’s important to keep in mind this will not be a denial of our forward progress, but a needed step towards real emotional freedom.
Going back, reassessing the hidden issues that have exerted their conditioning on us, and the responsibilities we have undertaken, is an obliged passage at this time. This will require a great deal of energy: as we all remember, Saturn in Scorpio was a particularly draining time of our Lives, and therefore the Retrograde time is better employed investing our energy in addressing the dark matter in our subconscious, the darkness in our lives, fear, betrayal, all that was hidden from our view, rather than taking on further unnecessary commitments. Dealing with these issues from the past is also the chance to make a course correction if we deem it necessary, and do now what we should have done back then.
Saturn will eventually settle in Sagittarius for good on September 18, and it will remain in the sign until December 2017.

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