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Saturn stations Direct, August 26, 2017 – A Witness to the Passing of Aeons

"An Encounter of Souls in Outer Space", by Jan Konůpek (1883-1950).
“An Encounter of Souls in Outer Space”, by Jan Konůpek (1883-1950).

Saturn has a very clear, plain way of letting us know exactly what our duties and responsibilities are in any given situation. Even though the lessons of patience and accountability might be hard ones to learn, Saturn is, compared to other planets, extremely easy to grasp and work with.
Understandably, though, his Retrograde cycles, with their stern imperative of revisiting plans, obligations and rules, might be puzzling to navigate; we cling onto the things in life that seem steady, sturdy and dependable, only to find out that they can’t quite support us the way we thought. It can feel frustrating – discouraging, even.
Saturn stationed retrograde on April 6, at 27 degrees 48 minutes of Sagittarius, introducing a phase of contemplation and re-evaluation of current commitments and long-term goals that implied many a sobering second thought. While it’s natural to take the foundations and structures of our earthly existence for granted, they too need to adjust to the pace and direction of our growth. Consequently, our methods, strategies, and projects are in need to be tweaked and perfected on a regular basis. For good or ill, nothing is set in stone.
The direct station of Saturn, happening on August 26, at 21°11 Sagittarius, finally offers the opportunity to answer some ‘big’ questions we’ve been anxiously mulling over throughout the course of the past four months: what’s next? Where to go from here? What is the best course of action? Do my ambitions still seem fulfilling and viable as I used to think?
This direct station might induce a temporary bout of critical thought and insecurity, which is typical of every direct station (especially Saturn’s); however, it’s also the symptom that the pressure that burdened us under Saturn Rx is eventually starting to ease off. No matter how intense and haunting our doubts – they don’t equal failure. On the contrary. At this point, we are wiser and stronger than we were four months ago, and better equipped, emotionally and mentally, to deal with the truth. Make no mistake, with Mercury still Rx, we might want to wait until September 5 before we really, truly dig in and make non-negotiable decisions. But a chapter is eventually coming to an end; we might not see this in the immediate moment, but we are ready to move on, with a lighter load, and a sharper sense of direction, ready to make solid moves towards the finishing line.

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