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Uranus stations Direct, January 2nd, 2018 – Tornado

"Break Free", by Erica Wexler -
“Break Free”, by Erica Wexler –

Uranus‘ direct station occured today, at 24 degrees Aries; and yet, this isn’t your average direct station.
Taking the insights that emerged during the retrograde phase, which begun last August, and applying them to our everyday life, allowing our inner changes to reverberate on the outside world is now more important than ever, since the planet of change, upheaval and revolution is leaving Aries for Taurus in May (I’ll soon write about Uranus’ transit of Taurus in a separate post).
The era of pioneeristic self-determination, of freedom of being, of forging our authentic Self, is drawing to a close, but the courage, passion and audacity this transit inspired in us will hopefully remain with us for the years to come.
The days before and after a station, the energy of a planet normally reaches a critical point of saturation; in the same way, Uranus’ direct motion will release a sudden surge of electricity into our world. While the Great Awakener was travelling backwards through the sign of Aries, we’ve been encouraged to to spark our own personal revolution from within, so that it could strike out from our being and impetuously reverberate on the world; now, as the Great Awakener prepares to retrace his steps, we might notice a culmination of Uranian issues and themes around us, signaling that the energies of transformation symbolized by this planet are powerfully emerging from the inner incubation, and springing loose.
We have been yearning for change. We have envisioned change. We are now ready to become the change we wish to see. To blaze our trail, and never look back.

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  • Uranus direct that we are talking about in Jan 018 is till presented on and I think that we need to work on it. If we work on it, then we will get many more details from it. It will be good.


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