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Uranus stations Retrograde, August 3, 2017 – Electric Light

Artwork by Michel Keck -
Artwork by Michel Keck –

Imagine how dull and unbearable Life would be, without the ever-present awareness of change.
Change does not only mean growth – in many circumstances, it represents hope, the way to freedom and/or liberation. A saving grace. 
Uranus is the planet that is most frequently associated with change, freedom, and rebellion; he entered courageous, hot-tempered Aries in 2010, and is currently travelling through the last degrees of the sign. Like all slow-moving planets, Uranus is also in Retrograde motion for a large part of the year. The next Uranian Retrograde cycle starts on August 3, at 28° Aries, and lasts all the way through 2017, ending with the direct station on January 2, 2018 (24 degrees).
Outer planets’ Rx cycles might not be as relevant as, say, Mercury or Venus retrogrades, but this doesn’t mean we should underestimate them.
Their length is purposefully aimed at helping us assimilate those broader, existential issues that require all the time and energy we can muster. Uranus’ backward journey is when we start subconsciously preparing for change, becoming more receptive to the glimpses of the innovations that await us, making room for the new. While, on the surface, everything might seem unaltered, motionless, still, the underneath currents of change are anything but.
The internalized energy of the Retrograde cycle helps us picking up on those currents, gleaning on their insights, gearing up for transition. It’s not a linear, predictable process – Uranus is electric, disruptive, unpredictable. We might, therefore, experience sudden bursts of intuition, abrupt rebellious urges, creative breakthroughs we can’t always discipline or articulate. But, deep down, as the process unfolds, we become more aware of what needs to change, more determined to take constructive risks, more confident about the purpose of our unique, idiosyncratic Path.
We are preparing for change – whether or not we realize. Don’t let the apparent stillness fool you. Let every day up until the direct station be a silent, stubborn commitment to your personal revolution.

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