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Venus enters Aquarius, January 17, 2018 – Love is Freedom

"Beethoven Frieze" (1901), by Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918).
“Beethoven Frieze” (1901), by Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918).

The wind blows wherever it pleases (John 3:8), and so do the winds of Love when Venus enters defiant, brilliant, dissident Aquarius.
The Goddess of Love made her entrance in the sign of the Water Bearer today, January 17, to remind us that we can’t control Love, direct Love, or fence it in. We either choose to be Love, unconditionally, or to fall prey to the Ego.
Love as it unfolds between incarnated human beings is unpredictable. Revolutionary. Love and freedom must go hand in hand – sometimes, at the price of our own emotional attachment to a situation, a person or a dynamic that feels so deeply familiar, like a second skin.
Aquarius is the sign of non-attachment, of intellectual lucidity, of forward-thinking effrontery. Everything that is touched by this sizzling, electric energy suddenly acquires an unruly edge, and a voracious appetite for independence: Venus makes no exception.
Whereas Venus in Capricorn prompted us to live up to approach all things Venus (love, pleasure, values and money) with integrity and accountability, Venus in Aquarius is going to dismantle our delusions of control, our mental rigidity, our fixed opinions on what is and what should not be, replacing them with detached perspective and crystal-clear long-range view. She might do so through unexpected plot twists, and unforeseen turns of events – all the more abrupt when we attempt to cling onto things as they are, as we know them, as we need them to be.
Venus in Aquarius isn’t here to validate our needs, to reassure us, to coddle us. She came to unfuck us. To push us outside our comfort zone. To remind us that we should love selflessly or not at all.

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